MUST READ: Akinyele Put Nigerian Musicians and Fellow Bloggers On Blast, Over Zara Gretti’s Death News!


I didn’t even know someone else shared same opinion as me over Zara Gretti’s death. I just came across this article as retweeted by popular musician turn pastorIdcabasa Olumide Ogunade. I can understand the writer’s anger but the swearing and abuse is what I don’t gbadu shaa…


Yes Zara Gretti can trend Nigerian Wide now, smh , shameless, heartless and wicked people of our Nation.  But listen and listen clearly, if your intention of blogging her death news was to gain traffic to your page, NA THUNDER GO FAYA YOU.

But why do we lack love among us? Why are we selfish in this country? Why do we practice this cabal thing everywhere but stand too fast to point fingers to government?

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Did I hear someone asking who this Zara Gretti is? Hold up I will answer that before you pull your senseless unreasonable  joke as usual, Zara is a Nigerian based in the US for a while before she returned back home to do music, popularly known for her hit tune “Abokoku”  produced by Spankie, and few others like “Teno”  which is her last major effort  before her last one produced by Dokta Frabz titled “Yeah”  which never gain bloggers hype talk less of radio air play.

She was diagnosed of Multiple Sclerosis in the US, she couldn’t afford taking care of herself so she decided to come back home where she believes she can still get help, as per my home country, the industry she rep. I can remember her tweeting for help to get her flight ticket back to Nigeria last year.

Ever since, she has been making noise of this her ailment (Multiple Sclerosis) for more than a year now, nobody can take up the challenge to support her, even her so called friends in the industry, people she roll with cant even help her take up this matter and push it to the general public ears for support if they all cannot raise the amount she needed to treat the Multiple Sclerosis. Or is there something about this lady we need to know that we aren’t aware of? Im definitely sure if 2 or more gather round her and help in her request for help, people would have taken her serious.

Imagine if just one of our traffic hustling popular social media sites/blogs  promote the campaign to raise funds for her like we did for OJB Jezrel, abi OJB own different?

Here they are now doing the fastest fingers who to publish first her death, who said it first and that. Now she can now trend and some evil people that has been bullying her on social media that she is not ill , she is making it up for trend or maybe she is making it up to gather chop money can now sleep in peace.2014-03-28 21.13.282014-03-28 21.33.56You all can quickly come bag your trophy and prizes because you all won, she has given up on her joke, desire to trend or for what she need to feed with. But remember one thing people, nobody is invisible to troubles and tribulation, if OJB Jezrel was lucky to get quick support of friends and colleagues, don’t assume that grace is common and it’s for all, when your time come, I hope it won’t be even worse than this Zara’s.

I was even still applauding the industry people for backing up Olamide on the Linda Ikeji’s clash, kai this is not fair. Its total wickedness.  Money less than $25k.2014-03-28 20.40.06

Where was our entertainment Media Companies, likes of HipTv, Channel O,Ebony Tv,  Soundcity, and the numerous others.

Bloggers nko, likes of YNaija, Linda Ikeji, Unilag Olodo, Bella Naija, Gossip Girlie and the numerous others.

I won’t mention names of those that have published the news of her death already this evening, now she has given up now its time to trend, showcase fastest finger like a broke ass loading a card called on a radio show or promo event. May the God forgive us all.

It’s sad when things that just needed joint hands to solve kill our people here, not like its a drug addiction situation or some kinda HIV virus, this ailment that can be sorted if only we care to support and give helping hands when its needed.

Am not mad cause she got ill and died of the ailment, am just mad cause we are quick to trend negative stories that could be curbed if someone showed concern before it got worse and deadly. We are quick to putting up RIP’s when we can actually give them one a grace of another day if we had given them attention when they requested for one.2014-03-28 20.46.47

Let whom that is wise portray wisdom, and whom that is foolish be known for his/her foolishness.  And yes the world of a prolific producer just sounded in my ear, “No Love in the Industry SolChild”. It’s all man for himself. You are good today, they will famz you, you go bad tomorrow, they will desert you. Be wise.

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