VIDEO: Late Singer Zara Gretti’s Last Interview With BattaBox (RIP)

Zara Goretti

The singer who passed on yesterday granted an interview to Battabox, which has been published as her last interview before her unfortunate death.

I honestly do not know this babe that much, the first time I heard of her was after the illness that took her life (Multiple Sclerosis) was made public in the media. After then, none of the Nigerian Bloggers ever published anything about fundraising on her behalf, correct me if I am wrong. But they were all ready to make her trend in death? I couldn’t get myself to publish her death news, because I felt I didn’t play my role as a Blogger by not visiting her twitter handle and publishing her tweets and plea for help.

It is a pity that this babe needed money for treatment and was pleading on Twitter for help and it didn’t hit headlines like useless posts of  latest luxuries by Nigerian celebrities. All these Nigerian musicians claiming to be millionaires and fronting with their flashy cars, diamonds and golds, could not reach out to their colleague? Even if not as a colleague, but on humanitarian level. Tufiakwa!

Watch her last touchy interview below: