Tchidi Chikere Re-Marries Traditionally, To Actress Nuella Njubigbo


Tchidi was married to his ex-wife and mother of 3 kids, before the husband snatching story broke and he parted ways with his wife Sophia.

When the news of Sophia parting ways with her Nollywood producer husband Tchidi Chikere came to limelight, I was like OMG…which man wants to break-up with such a pretty babe. But you know what they say, “person wey wear shoe, sabi where e dey pain am”.

If Nuella actually broke up the marriage of a married ┬áman with 3 kids to be with him...Well, Karma is a b*tch! It’s easier to be with a married man, but to prove yourself a strong woman, get your own brand new man and stick to him for the rest of your life. But a tokunbo man/woman is already a pre-loved material you know…as in second hand…’ouch’.. *winks*

Anyway Oluwa knows best……all this Nollywood/Jujuwood, divorce and marriage saga is enough movie storyline…hehe.