FASHION: Is Male Leggings Fashionable or Tacky?

Leging is popularly and usually worn by women, but these days most  men have taken over and have made it difficult for certain women(excluding me) to concentrate while having a normal conversation.

I have always preached that women rock the leggings with a longer top, which could hang below or ontop of their back side asset while covering the front bit.

So ladies how would you feel when your man rocks a Meggings-aka-Male-Leggings-Fashion? Exposing that whcih should be concealed by a clean boxer shorts and nice jeans or plain trousers? #JustAsking

One comment on “FASHION: Is Male Leggings Fashionable or Tacky?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lol!hmmmm,to me this is tacky oooh! Men should be advised to wear long shirts too…..lols!

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