Shameless Fuji Singer Obesere Releases VCD On Rape Saga


So after Obesere slept with a woman despite being married with kids, he had the guts to boast about it publicly and even had the audacity to commercialise it on a VCD for people to buy and listen to his twisted story? Even to the extent of putting the lady’s real picture and name? Is this guy trying to intimidate a woman he claimed to have slept in his house for one night because it was dark and she couldn’t go home. Then later on his story changed to the lady sleeping at his house for 3 days and had consensual sex with him?

Now Obesere claims the lady involved was trying to blackmail him with rape. And even the so-called shameless old woman who introduced the lady to a married man claimed the alleged ‘rape victim’ told her she was going to blackmail Obesere. If this old woman was a genuine friend of Obesere like both of them claim, why will she not alert him? or stop the whole meeting from taking place? He even boastfully said he enjoyed the sex and his wife will forgive him because he is her husband(you can read it HERE)

Nigerian police should better know what they are doing and not believe Obesere’s cock and bull story! I have a very strong conviction that Obesere is not telling the whole truth. Previously the victim begged police to protect her and was ignored because that’s why this man is still ranting and making money out of an unfortunate incident like rape accusation. (Read Victim’s plea for help HERE).

Below nonsense, is Obesere’s comment in a recent interview over the alleged rape saga:

“I want people, especially my fans, to get a clearer picture of what really happened between myself and Nike Olaiya.  Also, the inclusion of Alhaja Bola Omo Owo’s interview in the video is to let the public know that I have nothing to hide.  I am sure everybody can recognize me, but I want people to also see the face of Alhaja Omo Owo so that they will all know she’s not a fake person.  Rape Scandal was produced to explain everything in detail.  It wasn’t for monetary reason, but all of a sudden, everybody keeps requesting for a copy.

“By now, Nike should just come out and defend herself.  Her picture is also on the jacket of the CD.  Everybody knows that Papa can never rape and that will never happen. I believe that won’t be the first time Nike will be swindling men.  It’s God that exposed her.  That’s why she is running up and down.  Everybody has seen the faceof a scammer.  Very soon, she would show up or be fished out.”