Why Would You Have Sex By A Well? Woman Falls Into A Deep Well While Doing It


A woman fell into a well while she was having sex with a man she met earlier that night. The selfish dude ran away and left her to die and he is currently being hunted by police.

He chose to run away rather than help 21-year-old Edelia Aponte when she plummeted 4.6m (15ft) into water while trying to position herself well.

According a report by Metro UK: Half-naked Ms Aponte did not notice that a wooden covering over the well had become loose as she got down to business with the man who she had met earlier that night in the city of Ciudad Real in central Spain.

She was rescued after police received an anonymous phone call informing them that a woman had fallen into the well.

Fire fighters pulled the woman out and gave her a blanket to cover her lower half. She was then taken to hospital and treated for hypothermia.

‘It could have ended in tragedy,’ said fire service spokesman Leni Portillo. ‘Luckily, she could swim and she wasn’t knocked out as she fell.’

Police now want to speak to Ms Aponte’s companion, who could be charged with failing to give help to somebody in need of assistance.

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