10 Ways To Find and Impress A Nice Girl


dating 2

So a group of relationship specialists, have claimed that the steps I am about to disclose to you, are most definitely best ways to find a nice girl. Guys quite interesting isn’t it?…hmnnnn


Step 1:

First thing you need to do is learn how to be a gentleman and look good for the girl of you dreams.

Step 2

Make sure you have nice casual clothes but don’t go all out for her, she may think you are showing off. Don’t wear the same clothes twice in a week or she may think you’re a bit messy.

Step 3

Make sure you take a shower, brush your teeth (use mouth rinse and floss too), and wash your face everyday before you go anywhere.

Step 4

Make sure you eat a full breakfast so that you won’t have stomach upset for the day. In order words, passing unwanted gas and rumbling stomach *winks*

Step 5

Make sure your hair is washed well because sometimes a girl may want to touch your hair.

Step 6

Make sure you put on deodorant and cologne so that you smell fresh and not funky (don’t put on too much though).

Step 7

Pick a girl that is a good communicator and bonds with you.

Step 8

Make sure she’s what you want in a girl.

Step 9

If you think she’s not interested in you keep trying or move on.

Lastly Step 10

Be happy for who you are and don’t be someone else or else she may find out who you really are on the inside and may not like you anymore.

Now go find that woman of your dreams guys! *winks*