Advice To Married Couples – Pope Francis

Pope Francis I appears on the central balcony

He may not be married, but he sure knows about marriage; would you agree with Pope Francis:

“It’s true that in married life there are many difficulties; with work, with not having enough money, problems with the children. Many difficulties, and often the husband and wife get irritated and they fight with each other; they argue. There are always fights in a marriage, right?

Sometimes even plate fly; you’re laughing, but it’s the truth. We shouldn’t be sad about this; this is human nature.

The secret is that love is stronger than an argument. And therefore, I always advise married couples: don’t end your day without making peace. Always make peace. It’s not necessary to call the United Nations and have them come to your house to broke the peace. A little gesture will do, a caress, “good night, see you tomorrow”. And tomorrow you start over. This is life, carry on! Go forward with the courage to want to live together. This is great, it’s beautiful.” Pope Francis