SSS Jail Break: Killed Boko Haram Member Had Cell Phone While In Jail

boko vs Army

It is no longer news that the members of the Boko Haram insurgents are being sponsored by top people in Nigeria. They have also infiltrated the Government so deeply that it is affecting the operation to stop the group from carrying out their monstrous killings. During the jail break attempt, it was learnt that a cell phone rang from a dead Boko Haram member’s pocket, how on earth will that improve security?

However, the DSS(Department of State Service) refused to release the mobile phone. Do we suspect fowl play here? I think they should reshuffle our security services and make sure that people of thesame ethnic origin don’t work together. Will a Northern man give order for a Northerner to be killed? Or will an Eastern man do thesame? You guys in Government will need your common sense!!!

An eyewitness said that, during the gunfight they heard a mobile phone ringing. On closer examination we discovered that the ringing tone was from the pocket of one of the neutralized insurgents.”

On what became of the phone, he said, “The caller’s number was saved as ‘office’. It kept ringing, but we didn’t pick the call because it might be a bobby trap.

“They (DSS) refused to allow us leave with the telephone. They claimed it was their exhibit. The million-dollar question is how an insurgent in an SSS underground cell got a mobile phone?” posed the source.

He was quick to add that the ringing mobile telephone suggested that the attack was not only premeditated, but fueled concern that Boko Haram may have infiltrated the DSS.

The discovery of one suspected insurgent in one of the cars in the DSS parking lot, he added, nearly caused a big problem.

“Having disarmed the man, we wanted to take him for questioning. DSS personnel objected, claiming the man was one of their key witnesses. They however couldn’t explain why he was hiding in one of the cars,” added the source.

DSS spokesperson Mrs Marilyn Ogar had Monday assured that the service had launched a probe into the matter.

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