African Migrants Perched On Fence For Hours After Bid To Enter Spain Failed

African Migrants to Spain

African Migrants to Spain

Morocan and Spanish police foiled a fresh attempt on Thursday by at least 100 African migrants to scale border fences and enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla.  It was reported that, at least 25 migrants, many with bloody bare feet, clung to the tops of fences for nearly 7 hours.

After hours of standoff, authorities coaxed most of the immigrants down from the fence, gave them water and turned them over to Moroccan police.

Oh dear!! African leaders should be blamed for their lack of empathy towards their citizens and corruption. If they atleast use some of the funds they steal and launder abroad to pay as benefits to their citizens, this type of shameful images won’t appear to the world. The other time I watched a video of so many Nigerians who died in Sahara desert in a bid to elope for greener pastures abroad. They sure didn’t know the intensity of the sun in the Sahara and how far they would go. Unfortunately, they were roasted by the heat of the sun and their bodies littered everywhere.

So many people are not aware of the dangers trying to illegally enter a country and they just end up dying. Meanwhile, see more pictures of the African Migrants below and the video of migrants who died after 14 days journey in the Sahara desert.

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    It’s sad to see this and thanks to the information given……. well written too.

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