Sex Toys Might Ruin My Marriage, I Need Advice Please



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Hello Ego

I recently read about the secret pornographer in your blog and thought I share my marriage concern with you (if you missed it, read HERE).

Unlike the pornographer the sex life between me and my wife was not that great. We have been married for just 7 years, when  our sex life started to deteriorate  so badly,  the pornographer’s story makes our sex life appear non-existent.

Would you believe that at one time we were down to once or twice a week, to be honest we sometimes go through a week with no sex at all.  When we first got married there was all the excitement of sex, we use to even have sex couple of times a day, it was fun it was exciting on the table top, in the kitchen, in the shower etc but those are now gradually return.

So it all started after our 3rd child, first there was too much pain associated with sex then there was excessive exhaustion after the normal days work and child care, in fact the interest just died. We are then just living together as siblings if I may put it that way.

We started  asking people what is the best way back into the sex groove strangely enough some people suggested watching porno movies and the general feedback  from your readers on the Porno guys story seems to suggest the same.

So I gradually introduced a bit of raunchy movies, even the Nigerian movies these days provide a good level  but then we graduated into hard porno, I guess it is ok since we watch it together, it works like a charm our sex lives have significantly improved, however,  there is a new problem. So  besides some of the beastly actions in these movies (things that no human should have do to another human), the use of sex toys is another issue that has raised its head a few times. I have asked around and most articles I have seen,  seem to suggest that sex toys are a potent spice for better sex.

I don’t quite understand the theory, SEX TOYS? I am worried either of us could get addicted to them or just get selfish and start doing solo pleasures behind their partners back. Is this a legitimate fear or am I just being paranoid venturing into the unknown or maybe I am afraid that my true weaknesses will be exposed? ie never tiring vibrating penis (sex toy) versus my 5-10 mins erection.

Are there any of your married users who use sex toys, could they be kind enough to share their experience here.

I am just worried that in a bid to improve our sex life I do not  throw it all away!!!! Any advice from your readers can help I believe.

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  1. MARGARET says:

    I almost had d same pros,but all tnks 2 Ego.With prayer all tins are possible

  2. Anonymous says:

    Both porn and sex toys are evil. Repent for the kingdom of God is near.

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