Cure For Ebola Virus In Nigeria Found Already?


Last week, there were health fears over the deadly Ebola Virus which has killed high percentage of individuals who contracted the virus in some West African countries. The media reported that Nigeria is at risk of getting the virus from their neighbouring  Ebola-hit west African countries like Ghana. As usual, it just  became a mere health scare and no clear tangible plans to control it, that I know of.

One of Africa’s most powerful presidents, President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia, had ordered airlines to cancel all flights from Ebola-hit west African countries, as one of his strategic measures to curb the deadly disease from his country. Although, passengers were stranded, but I must say that he atleast has shown concern regarding the health of his Nation.

My question is….What is Nigeria doing as a preventive measure? How many of the Nigerian villagers are aware of how not to contact Ebola disease?

One thing I dislike about Nigeria is this, once certain things hit headlines, it just dies off naturally the next few days, and both the Govt and the citizens just go into relaxation mood until it becomes deadly!!!

Typical example is Boko Haram, they could have been wiped out when they started. International inteligence would have been sought after earlier than now. But hell no! We waited until they got out of hand, we waited until their sponsors imported enough ammunitions…we waited and waited until they started kidnapping young girls and killing bread winners of their respective families. We waited until they started killing women and children.

All that our leaders and Boko Haram sponsors seem to be doing is playing blame games of political opponents! PDP  pointing fingers at APC and vice versa, yet Nigerians fold their arms and are happy for these two political parties that have kept the Nation in bondage to carry on? When two elephants fight, who bears the impact?.

I have never voted in Nigeria in my entire life and never will until young vibrant people take over leadership. Because I know my vote won’t count as the elections get rigged.

I vote in the UK were atleast I could see some level of transparency!!! The moment Nigerian people from opposition parties are selected to monitor elections in Nigeria, it will become free and fair. All political parties will select a candidate to represent them at each polling boot. Heavy security prescence and international supervisors will be present to also monitor the activities, and by so doing, we can go forward politically in Nigeria. Me and my Dad’s political motto is simple: Politics without bitterness.

Ehen…back to Ebola virus matter! I found this article about how monkeys with the virus were cured in Canada. Shouldn’t African Presidents put heads together and fund the research to get the cure asap?

Read it below:

Canadian scientists may be on the verge of finding a cure for Ebola after an experimental drug “cocktail” apparently cured monkeys infected with the deadly virus.

In their recent study, all four of the monkeys promptly treated with the antibody-containing cocktail survived infection. The researchers said they could be ready to test the treatment on humans by 2014, according to io9.

Science magazine published the study on June 13 under the title “Successful Treatment of Ebola Virus–Infected Cynomolgus Macaques with Monoclonal Antibodies.” The paper notes that all of the monkeys given the antibodies within 24 hours of exposure were cured, and that two of four monkeys who received the drug within 48 hours of Ebola exposure were cured.

“The antibodies slowed replication until the animals’ own immune systems kicked in and completely cleared the virus,” Gary Kobinger, a medical microbiologist who led the study, told Nature.

The research was conducted at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada.

“It’s just remarkable that this treatment works. We’re really excited about it,” Dr. Frank Plummer of the Public Health Agency of Canada, said of the study, according to the Winnipeg Free Press.

The CDC has mapped outbreaks of the Ebola virus on the African continent since 1976. That year, the virus killed 280 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 1995, 250 people in Congo died from the virus, while an outbreak in Uganda in 2000 killed 224. As recently as 2007, another 187 Congolese died of the Ebola virus disease.

Slate notes that “ninety percent of people infected with Ebola, a hemorrhagic fever, die within 10 days,” a startling statistic that underscores the significance of a potential cure.