EGOSENTRIK: Ego’s Easter Break Photos


There we go…get ready to view plenty more photos below…..I promised to expose a lil bit of my personal life on photos here…lolz. I said earlier on my Easter wish post, that I was going away on a short ‘retreat‘ from my private businesses and Blogging. An act which I have practised for the past 7 years of my life and it’s simply amazing.

Life is too short to spend it hustling and chasing after dollar bills alone, and once one dies, that’s it…Kapish…lolz. Sometimes we need some personal life reflection away from home, family, friends and everything in fact. We need to meditate on our personal goals and career.

Cos you might spend your life going in the wrong direction or doing one thing forever, when you can actually reflect and up your game on how to get better. We also need to ease off stress and pressures of life and work (the vicissitudes of life)… *winks*.

Enough of the sermon already EGO….now you can see some of my pics from the ‘Peace Garden’ et al…For your viewing pleasure ladies and only HAWT gentlemen…Lmao #JustKidding

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2 comments on “EGOSENTRIK: Ego’s Easter Break Photos

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great pix mi dear.

  2. mercelina says:

    Babe ur pics are lovly, dey are wow. Love every every.. Nice pose, nice wears, nice hair do, nice curves. Bravo girl….

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