PSQUARE: The Fight Between Singing Duo Peter and Paul As Analysed By J Duke


I personally have refused to comment on the issue, cos everyone is claiming exclusive right to a fight? certain human being must really be feeling important…hehehe…Nigerian Bloggers oti ooo. Most families fight too, but being celebrities have made this one worst than it really is. Plus sometimes the media often make reconcilable differences blown out of proportion. But if they are fools, they can allow stupid things separate them. And if their wives are fools, they should involve themselves into the matter, as they’ll sure settle out as brothers leaving them in limbo. I’ve learnt to stay away from men’s fight, cos they easily forgive themselves and move on. But women cling on emotions. Abeg wetin concern agbero with overload? Amebo dey sweet eeh.….

Meanwhile, below is the opinion of a friend of mine, read it and tell me if you agree with him

After reading and reviewing the issues surrounding the Igbo born artist Paul and Peter Okoye imminent breakup, I have come to these conclusions:

1. Their mother’s death did a big blow to the unity of the family. Their mother as reported was the bedrock of their success. She did all she can to support their musical ambition as against the wish of their father. This sums it up for me that in marriage, women who are faithful, God fearing and see future are 90 percent correct in decision making most times.

2. The marriage to Lola which was staunchly rejected by their mother whom they respect so much would never happen if she was still alive. This argument support the first point deduced above.

3. Marriage to an older partner could drop significantly since Lola who is older is the one accused of disintegrating one time united family and powerful R&B duo in Africa. By the way, how many people can even marry an older partner? I may consider it if am still single anyways.

4. Cultural impediments most often hamper inter tribal marriages.

Finally, if Lola was to be an Igbo lady, I believe the family won’t reject her on the ground that she is older. Age is just a number. Also, if Lola was to be Igbo, she may not instigate the husband to pull out of the contract simply because of what her friends or the media churn out. Whether the husband song is pushed out or not, we the fans don’t know. What we know is that P square has a new song and we enjoy it.

I hope they amicably resolve their differences as I see Lola and the husband not able to sustain a war where all the family members will boycott them. For his musical career, it may be on downward spiral as the talented one is with Jude( their elder brother) who is a prolific music producer and director.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done Egosebtrik toh quality! You’ve said it all from the beginning that most families do fight, 2:If they are fools, they can allow this situation to sepereate them! 3:there wives must not get involved.

    From your friends view all I sense the whole family is not happy because she married Lola a Yoruba girl! Nigerians need to grow up and do away with Yoruba can’t marry Igbo or Hausa can’t marry Calabar! You can’t choose who you fall in love with!

    I never finish my statement o but to be continue….

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