Special Recognition Of Rev. Fr Josanctus Ukende On His Birthday!!!

fr Joe

Rev. Father Jo will be the first priest to be recognised and celebrated here on Egosentrik Blog, after I celebrated a Rev sister the last time. It’s amazing that majority of my strong supporters and readers are the religious ones. Sometimes I feel guilty when I publish stories of Cosy Orjiakor and the rest because of them…lol.

But hell yes! Fr Jo is fun to be with and will never judge you as a lay person. However, will caution you whenever he feels you are going iin the wrong direction. He is a regular visitor to the UK, where he associates with other priests in doing the great work of God. I’ve had the honour to host him twice in my humble home. He is also a great lover of football and enjoys meeting new people.

I have some exciting photos of Father Jo below with friends etc….couldn’t find my pic with him though….so Father Jo send a pic of both of us if you’ve got one. Meanwhile, if I’m ugly in the pic just don’t bother biko….haha. 

Find pics below:

Click on the first photo below to expand all other photos for your viewing pleasure….*winks*

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday father!!! May ur days b long n joyous.

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