How Do I Tell My Ex, I May Have Given Her STD ?


How to Deal-With-a-Cheating-Boyfriend

Dear Ego,

I broke up with my girlfriend because she found out I was cheating on her with another girl. Unknown to me, my new girl has STD but didn’t know about it until Friday after she went for sexual health tests and the results came out today.

I was having  off and on sex with my new girl while I was still with my EX and there’s possibility I already have STD and may have given this to my EX.

I am so ashamed of myself and can’t even face my Ex because our break-up saga left her heartbroken and depressed. I need advice from people on what to do, I am so confused right now and wish the earth can open and swallow my wicked soul.

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  1. Ann says:

    Well hello anonymous,

    I am a regular egosentrik visitor and quite a fan of her work, therefore it was inevitable for me to miss your cries for help! I must say, I am quite shocked by your story. If I understand very well:
    1. You cheated on your ex with another girl while you were still sleeping with your ex,
    2. Your break up with her left her depressed,
    3. You may have given her STD

    Very well, if I were you, I would, despite my shame and embarrassment go to her and talk to her about it! Forget her being depressed, focus more on the terrible consequences of having STD! She has being faithful to you and you rewarded her by cheating on her during your relationship! True you had no clue that your new girlfriend had STD , you could have also do a medical check up or something, but what is done is already done and you can no longer change it! all you have to do is to come clean, tell her the truth despite your nervousness you must build up the courage to go tell her the truth! Don’t you think she will hate you more if she realizes by herself that she has STD that you might have given her? You have made her suffer enough and now you really want her life destroyed because of your mistakes? She might never gain her life back because of stupid mistake!

    Call yourself a man! Tell her to go to the hospital and check up to make sure that she is not affected! Don’t be cruel, what you have done is enough! Go to her face-to-face and tell her the truth! You too better check yourself, you might be cured if you really feel sorry and she might forgive for being honest! You have to choose: forgiveness through the truth or her death and hate on your conscience! Decide now!

    Good luck anonymous, I will pray for you to get better!

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