Another Bomb Blast In Nyanya ‘Dead bodies now 17 at Asokoro Hospital’

not actual photo

I was shocked when I got a BB update that there was another bomb blast in Nyanya Abuja again. The gross picture of litered body parts are inside this post (viewers discretion).

Below is a report I got from VANGUARD;

Blood donation commences at National Hospital. Good spirited members of the public have begun the donation of blood in order to save the lives of those injured in the Nyanya blast.

Medical personnel at the Emergency Unit of the hospital were busy trying to treat the injured who were brought into the hospital after Nyanya and Asokoro General Hospital facilities had been overstretched

Bodies deposited at Asokoro Morgue as  Police, Road Safety  chase families, friends out of Asokoro Hospital.

As ambulances wait to convey Corpses out of the Asokoro General Hospital, men of the Nigeria Police Force and the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC chased out family members, relations and friends who were eager to identify their family members.

The move was to avert any breakdown of law and order as affected family members who were waiting to identify their persons may burst in tears and become uncontrollable.


At 10. 10pm, the first NEMA ambulance moved dead bodies away to be deposited at the Morgue, just as the second NEMA ambulance, followed with bodies to the Morgue.

At 10.15pm, the third NEMA ambulance conveyed corpses to the Mortuary. They were all at Asokoro General Hospital.

A woman was supported while crying following the death of her brother.