Marriage or Money first???

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Dear Ego

I am a fresh graduate, just finished my masters degree in electrical electronics and have passed with Merit. I have also had a girlfriend for the past 4 years and although she has not  started pushing or bugging me yet for marriage; I know there is this unspoken expectation that soon after my masters, we should be getting married. I have often over-heard her folks ask her for how long more we want to wait before we tie the knot.

The thing is I have 2 very close friends who are older than me, actually both are in their late 30s but have very different lives.  Femi  married straight after he got his first job and now has kids and all , while Kunle went straight into contracting and business  and is still not married.

Least to say Kunle is far richer (financially) than Femi, besides having the freedom to take various types of contracts across the nation without any barriers, he has been able to invest into his own business from savings he has been making.  On the other hand, Femi  is not doing badly himself, and claims to be happy with family life but I can tell he sometimes wonders what would have happened if he had first pursued his career fully before starting a family.

I know some people claim money is not the only measure of wealth or true happiness, but I also know the bible says money answereth all things.  I  have much older  uncles who started their families first then later started making money but except those that stumbled into major breakthroughs, the rest  never really catch-up with their peers, who went straight into making money. At the same time I do not want to be taking my children to nursery school in my fifties (Simon Cowell) when I am already suppose to be a grandpa.

Any suggestions or advice from your readers will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much and keep up the good work on your Blog.

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  1. jane says:

    Your problem seems to be a little complicated to you because what you really want is to have enough financial resource to be able to take care of the future family you want to fond with your girlfriend right? All you have to do is to follow your heart! You might never have this opportunity again! You are scared of losing your girl because of the time it is going to take you build your wealth, however you must never compare yourself with your friends! They are different from you! If hey choose one path to another, that doesn’t affect you! What I would advise you is to pursue your dreams! One important thing is that your girl have not rushed into a early marriage, therefore she might not be ready herself for this big step! All you have to do is to talk to her about it, if she truly loves you, she will understand, therefore encourage you!

    Start praying about the right decision! If you want a family, you must first have a stable a home and a way to take care of your future family!

    Take care,
    and May God Bless You!

  2. Annon says:

    Get a steady job first and then marry. As you rightly observed in the case of your uncles, marriage comes with a lot of finiancial and family responsibilities. Wealth for me is not how much you have in the bank but that you are able to meet up with all your needs. You are good to go. Good luck

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