CONFAB:North rejects creation of additional state for South-East



In a report by VANGUARD, the Northern representatives in the ongoing CONFAB rejected the creation of additional states for SOUTH-EASTERN Nigeria.

WTF are they to reject it? Is Nigeria their living room that they have to decide when and where states should be created?. I have never believed in the so-called ‘one Nigeria’, cos the Northerners always feel they own Nigeria (BOKO HARAM).

Unfortunately, they think South-Easterners are sleepy heads and would’ve to succumb to pressures from the Northerners. If not that they know how to manipulate the Easterners with bribery and hypnosis into selling out their own people, Biafran war would’ve ended this ONE NIGERIA BULL CRAP.

If you want to read the full report, click HERE