New face of Ivie Hair- Beverly Osu



Beverly confirmed she’s the new face of Ivie Hair, a two year deal said to be worth millions of naira. She happily wrote;

“New face of Ivie Hair, no dulling.  Thanking God for blessings and grace.  Beverly Osu, the mannequin black diamond with brain, skinny but no push over, might seen benign but larger than life.  I don’t demand respect, I command it.  I don’t read the news, I make it.”.

Congrats to the vixen, she’s really working hard to remain relevant. The only aspect of her life style I dislike is nudity. If she learns to cover up a lil bit, then she’s up my street. But as long as she is in the school of thoughts that ‘nudity pays’….she’s mid my street just for the hard work and ‘thumbs down my street for nudity.