Why I Am Not Going To Cry- Chibok Girls 

chibok girls
Nigeria is the centre of Nollywood the 3rd biggest movie industry in the entertainment world and there’s a drama going on ‘live’ as I write, it’s called, “the chibok girls”. It is the sad but deeply touching true life story of some innocent girls kidnapped at their school by… Who else but, Boko Haram. Oh! Sorry, you must have heard about it. I just wasted your time.
The girls were kidnapped two weeks ago but the drama started this week and trust this center that has given the world such epic movies like ossuofiasian, Mr. Ibu in london and the last flight to Abuja.

The dramatist personnel were not lacking. The people who kept quiet when Chimamanda’s ‘half a yellow sun’ that told the story of how genocide was committed against millions was banned decided to jump to the streets and cry for the release of the kidnapped angels. But, that’s not why i am not going to cry. But, it’s really saddening that all these street cry and drama over the Chibok girls didn’t start until some western organizations picked interest and NGO ‘s and people who desperately needed to update their CV’s and enhance their funding opportunities started jumping out.
But, that’s not why I am not going to cry.

I am not going to cry because my heart is so much hardened and I have lost feelings of sympathy. The truth is that I tried as I could, I just couldn’t shed even an atom of tears. My eyes are completely dried of tears and I have shed more than enough for a ten life time in this single life just for the simple fact of where I come from and my religion.

I am not going to cry because it was the hypocrites that march out to the streets to dramatise the kidnapping of these girls that aided and made this kidnap possible. I am not going to cry because people might not notice the difference between my genuine cry and their crocodile tears.
Hypocrites! That’s what you all are.

Because you refused to speak out in 1966-70 when easterners were being slaughtered like animals in the north because in your calculations it will help you to grab political power. And I cried!
Because you looked the other way in 1980 when 2, 467 Christians were killed in Zaria because you thought it will benefit your religion. And I cried!

Because you felt unconcerned in December 1980 when the Kano Maitatsine sect rioters slaughtered 4, 177 Christians. And I cried!
Because you couldn’t speak out against the 1982 September. 29-oct 3 Kaduna riot that killed 53 people and burnt down churches. And I cried!

Because you kept quiet over 1982 maitatsine sect riot in Maiduguri when 118 people were killed. And I cried!
Because you didn’t speak out when a governor was stealing billions and cutting the hands of poor citizens who stole chicken just to score a cheap political point. And I cried!

Because you clapped when Boko Haram came and were targeting Igbo, ijaw, churches and non-muslims. And I cried!
That was why they came for the girls.
You couldn’t speak out
because it was not your people
because it was not your religion
because it was not your ethnicity
because it will help you grab power.
So, they didn’t expect you to speak when they started burning schools.
And you didn’t disappoint.
Your silence embodied them and made them to come for the chibok girls.
You see why i refuse to join you and cry?
You are a hypocrite shedding crocodile tears.
Besides, I have cried so much because I am Igbo and a Christian that there’s no longer tears in me left.

I have witnessed so much of these atrocities against my people that my mind is now hardened.
Besides, I don’t want to cry today and cry again tomorrow all over again and again and again and again over the same religious problems that I sincerely know couldn’t have been this worst if you had speak up against it long ago.
Between you and me we know my cry will not change anything but, your sincerity will.
That is why I am not going to cry over the Chibok girls.
Even though my heart bleeds.

By Peter Agba Kalu

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  1. done one says:

    What you say is True , we are The cause of our problem . The north People is bad. Why are The crying now

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