MUST WATCH: Frustrated Nigerian First Lady Bursts Into Tears



The first lady who was frustrated over the fact that the people whom she summoned for meeting, over the missing Chibok girls didn’t turn up. Also, that the state Government refused to act on the security measures given by the Federal Government. The first lady  bursts into tears while screaming ‘there is God ooo’. That left me wondering if Michelle Obama will not use men of the secret service to bring such people for a meeting to the white house, as this is a case of National security. While it doesn’t matter how she sounded, she is human and can express herself whichever way. My major problem is, why the Government waited for ‘two whole weeks’ before taking this issue seriously?

But hey, it’s Nigeria, land of drama and insecurity….watch video below:

2 comments on “MUST WATCH: Frustrated Nigerian First Lady Bursts Into Tears

  1. steve says:

    Ithink gvt ve failed so I think we need to go bak to our maker read psalm 24 all christian should lay their hands on the land and decree a word on this pple both their sponsors as long as they step their foot on this earth jst for 1minutes (we Christians has been sleeping let’s wake up)

  2. Annon says:

    Poor lady! She is human but she can do more than that. I hope she does something more.

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