Tiwa Savage Performs In A Controversial Outfit


Ever since the pictures of Tiwa Savage performing at Ekwulobia surfaced, people have said all sorts. A lot of people saying she’s trying so hard to copy Beyonce, while others say she’s hot and can wear whatever she likes. While most people are of the opinion that she is now a married woman and should learn to dress appropriately.

Hmnnn…of course I EGO don’t hide under anon to say my mind, I sort of bare it all, which is what distinguishes me from some Naija Bloggers…lol. Now my take on this outfit is; it doesn’t matter whether Tiwa is married or not, if you are of the opinion that she is now married therefore shouldn’t dress in this manner, I’ll call you a CAPITAL LETTER HYPOCRITE!. Should a single girl wear it then? If a certain outfit is considered inappropriate, it should extend to all young girls, there should be no exception. So she is free to wear whatever pleases her as a married woman, as far as her husband is comfortable with it.

Secondly, I do not particularly like the outfit, not because of how skimpy it is, but because Tiwa should have worn it with a Granny Underpants, which would’ve covered her down below, just like Rihanna would’ve rocked it during a performance, but not on the covers of  magazine (she bares it all). After all high waist vintage lingerie is back into fashion, especially if it can be seen. However, I guess Tiwa purposely wore this outfit and rocked hard a male fan to give her critics and haters more things to talk about.

See another pic below:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Her husband go soon leave am, just dey watch!!! Mark this day and my word!!!! I pray it works for her but with all this nonsense and family pressure on her husband dem go soon break up

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