Tyrese’s Nigerian Hairdresser, Organising #BringBackOurGirls Fundraiser Concert?



LMAO….oh dear…see office oooo! I said they’ll turn this #BringBackOurGirls to something else. Someone I know received text message urging him to text a certain amount to a number, in order to support the cause. I screamed what cause? Who is accountable for the funds raised?

They said the money raised, will be handed over to the United States Embassy in Nigeria to assist the search of missing Chibok Girls..ok oooo I hear….

Nigeria is a wealthy Nation and have enough money to fund the search of the missing girls as well as stop terrorism!!! We are focusing on the wrong thing which is just missing girls, how about promise from the Federal Govt that such event won’t take place again? That they will stamp out TERRORISM AND NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS OF ANY FORM? #MisplacedPriorities


No fall mugu for scam abeg oooo. If they are raising money to help the victims after they’re found, then I’ll not bother, but, this doesn’t add up shaaaa….

Meanwhile below are interesting response from Tyrese’s followers and the picture of the Naija boy organising the fundraising event.



Below is Sam Desalu, the fundraiser concert organiser….#LipSealed