Have You Seen This Yet? Nigerians Comment On The State Of Their Nation

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Before you read the comments, hear me out: few weeks ago, the Boko Haram leader was threatening to sell off the girls. As soon as the international forces joined Nigerian security forces, they started fidgeting and went for NEGOTIATION. If Nigeria negotiate with these terrorists, which the deal is to release hardened criminals and terrorists like them right? What is the guarantee that they won’t come out and join their brothers to cause Nigeria more trouble? How are we certain that another terrorist group won’t spring up in the future and abduct school kids and in exchange of their captured members? How can they pay for the innocent men, women and kids they’ve been killing?

Well I believe the experts working on this case, would’ve have done their maths and will tackle the situation with utmost care.

Now Read some of the interesting comments made by Intelligent Nigerian Citizens, I have picked them up  browsing online. You gotta read till the end:

Comment 1: A President is not supposed to be the one to explain things. He is not supposed to be the one to be found confused and equivocating. Rather, he is supposed to be the one that inspires hope, and calms the nerves of the nation. In the past two weeks, President Jonathan has been left to what Presidents normally don’t do. And worse still, it got so bad that he and his wife were totally alone.

Comment 2: If Femi Fani-Kayode , Oxford university trained or Eloquent Frank Nweke Jnr was the minister of information, will Isha Sesay of #CNN insult them the way he insulted the minister of information Labaran Maku?
#GEJSACKYOURMEDIATEAM. They are scoring own goal!

Comment 3: a. Are we sure the girls we saw are the same ones that were abducted? If indeed there were any abductions to begin with! A lot of things were not matching up in that footage of the girls. The area had no signs of being a hide out as would be expected in such an instance That location cannot be in the Sambisa forest area, the purported BH hideout.

b. That the girls we saw were reciting Koran verses very fluently just 2+ weeks into captivity despite they being Christians, does not tally well! A lot of the girls in that video were quite relaxed and some were even wearing smiles on their faces!
Finally, the fact that this footage surfaced soon after the Bono state gov’t announced that the girls have been cited! This is too real to be a mere coincidence! Should the Bono State governor be stripped of immunity and quizzed? It will seem something is fishy about all these!!
Comment 4: What I still find puzzling is, why didn’t Shekau mention prisoner swap in his famous speech. He only talked about selling the girls. And  a senator said the girls were being sold in Chad and Cameroon.  I think this prisoner swap is an after thought. Moreover, It goes against their usual modus operandi.
Comment 5: As the girls are now been used as human shield, I wonder how long we will contend with this uncertainties and lack of adequate security in Nigeria. We are sincerely concerned that this matter might escalate to another ugly level if proper care is not applied.
Comment 6: Nigerians should not vote in any Northern leader for now, until we establish a clear democratic nation void of Islamic extremism and power and blood thirsty Northerners.
Comment 7: The inconsistency theory surrounding the Boko Haram issues in Nigeria, shows that the Boko Haram members are working for some Northern politicians and APC political party.Which is why they are all urging the president to step down or negotiate with the terrorists. They are using the insurgents to score political goals and make Nigeria ungovernable for Goodluck Jonathan. They are all scared that time is up for them, and the best way is to focus of the release of Boko Haram members to avoid trails that will expose their evil deeds. The Boko Haram members are willing to die for them as they are under charms and hypnosis, but the moment they are broken, they start singing like a broken radio. The movie is on and we will watch to the end and Boko Haram saga will bring the revolution Nigerians long seek for.
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