Clarion Attacks Ibinabo’s Personality For The 4th Time! Now She Gets A Reply From Me

Left: Clarion Chukwurah vs President AGN Ibinabo Fiberesima

Left: Clarion Chukwurah vs President AGN Ibinabo Fiberesima

This Clarion annoys the living day light out of my mind. First she tagged Ibinabo an opportunist who visited the Nigerian President with other actors and actresses to seek political appointment, a statement I consider false and distasteful. As if that is not enough, she went on ranting in her second interview, calling Ibinabo all sorts of degrading names asking her to step down as the president Actors Guild Of Nigeria and peddling certain false information against Ibinabo.

At this point she got the attention and reply she wanted from Ibinabo you can read it HERE. But as she is so bittered and a disgrace to all well meaning mothers out there, she went on rampage a 3rd time, calling Ibinabo to step down because she had an accident which claimed a life.

Now people, which human being in their right senses considers accident as murder? Check your dictionary madam Clarion for the meaning of an accident.  It could have been your holy self, it could have been me as well or just any one else. Why in God’s name are you disgracing yourself publicly? Are they blind to give you best actress in the last AMMA? Anyways it was in a leading role and not best Nollywood actress, cos you are not and will never be (my opinion tho).

What do I know you for in the Nigerian movie industry?  Your role in a movie years back tittle ‘Power Tussle’ which featured Hanks Anuku and Ini Edo, actually depicts your personality.

After this your 3rd ranting and name calling, Ibinabo ignored you, cos silence is the best answer for a fool. To show you have no shame and the media are actually portraying your true colour to the world. They keep calling you here and there to talk about you and Ibinabo. Ibinabo gets such offers but declines them because she is smart and classy.

You jump on such offers and vomit nothing but jealousy coming out of a bittered stomach. And that didn’t end there, you have jumped on a 4th interview with Yes Magazine and slamming Ibinabo again with your baseless accusations. Threatening to publish an associations policy to the world? You need a psychiatric help cos you are loosing it I swear.  Leave this humble and lovely woman alone, cos God and people got her back.

Imagine you mentioning in your interview that she should’ve paid you homage as a senior colleague and called you in for decision making? Now you’ve told us what is paining you. You are a typical example of what is wrong with NIGERIA AS A NATION.

Some greedy and power seeking people want the head of our president, and if he recognises them, they’ll shut their mouth….LMAO.

So by the way, if Ibinabo had called you and licked your ass, you won’t be slamming her publicly again? Is this not one cruel act of HYPOCRISY ever heard? Madam Clarion leave Ibinabo the ‘F’ alone and get a life.

I have recognised Ibinabo’s hard work in shaping AGN. She has always been a hard-working woman years back till now. She ran a club, she has her own pageant show as well as private ventures. I love such women, because despite their shortcomings as humans, they are trying to encourage youths that hard work pays.

Brand or no brand, IBINABO made history as the first FEMALE President Actors Guild of Nigeria…..So madam Clarion both you and your fellow HATERS should deal with it!!!!

Gosh….women should respect and support other women and not bring them down!

Lastly! “Jealousy is like a dreaded disease, seeping through the pores of a healthy skin”… egosentrik herself.