Prof Dora Akunyili Dies Aged 59


I sincerely could not put myself together to report this sad news as she is one of the women of substance I look up to in this life. There has been several rumours that she died several weeks ago by people wishing her dead, which was dismissed by her publicist. She was diagnosed with an unknown ailment which eventually took her life. May her soul rest in peace.

I found below tribute on a friend’s wall detailing her achievements and addressing her haters….I couldn’t help but publish it…….

You tried her when she hounded you down from killing millions with your greed, yet, God saved her and never allowed the bullet enter her skull but only her scaff. And for that 8 years (2001-2009), we had relief of your evils in pharmacy shops while you had loss of your blood money.

From that position, she became a Minister of Information and you were so embittered that she didn’t go down instead she rose higher. You kept waiting to hit her real hard but God and the People were with her and so, she lived stronger. And in 2010, while a Minister, you couldn’t contain her bravery when she changed the course of Nigerian History forever with her 10-point memo speaking the truth and speaking her mind while other of her colleagues sat on the fence peeing in their panties and stuttering in cowardice.

As if that wasn’t enough, you saw her attempting to contest for Anambra Central Senatorial Seat and you went gaga. You couldn’t stand her billboards around your blood-soaked market and so, you pulled and tore it down.

You have not recovered from the hurt she caused you while you wanted to drink more blood of citizens as to make mega money. And so, you kept burning those red lights, you kept spraying blood to those idols in your deadly cubicles, you kept making those sacrifices just to make sure she doesn’t live to notice and raise anymore alarm of what you do or might do more.

And now, you have it!

Ndi Yar’Adua regime CABAL, Ndi Ogbo Ogwu Head Bridge Onicha, Anambra State na ndi Ogbo Ogwu niine no na Naijiria, E kenekwaa m unu! Mana malukwanu na igwe niine ya-ejekwa n’uzu. Let he who kill by the sword, don’t forget that even when he escapes being killed by sword, his child or loved one could take his place someday, somehow, in a most brutal way that will leave his heart eternally bruised.

Dora Nkem, you were diagnosed of nothing as your major ailment. Your family said they couldn’t understand what kind of sickness you suffered and we too couldn’t stand your most recent looks and couldn’t place what really was the name of the cause. I personally DO NOT BELIEVE YOU DIED. YOU WERE SLOWLY KILLED. Anybody who has followed your life passionately also knows this.

But let me say it to you this way in our language:

O bulu mmadu melu gi ifea, e kwekwana fa zulu ike kama ofu mkpulu. Welukwa ‘o bialu I gbum, gbuo onwe ya’ sobekwa fa. O bulu onwu Chi yi, nsogbu adiro, laru n’udo.

Many of us love you with our lives. I am one of those!

Written by Chijioke Ngobili……….