Interesting Letter From Women To Their Men

men and women

I found this interesting letter and decided to share………it goes like this:


How do you really expect your wife’s boobs to be as firm as it was when you married her. After you have fondled and sucked it every night for years now?

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be pregnant? Do you really know what it takes to breastfeed?
If your wife has flat boobs now and does not have that beautiful shape she had the first time you met,It is probably because of you!

Get used to it..
You once had it when it was firm, accept it now that it is sagging. That’s no excuse for cheating!!!

You leave for work and get back at almost the same time with your wife,She dashes into the kitchen to prepare food. Helps the
children with their home work and take them to school.

Serves your food while you are watching Arsenal and Man United play, And put the children to sleep. She crawls into bed all tired and sleepy And then you want great sex…??

And when she pleads with you that she’s tired,You flare up in anger and threaten to find a mistress because she is starving you…

Hmm! Oga at the top, That’s no excuse for cheating….If you truly want great sex,Please help a little with the chores or get a hand to assist her…
Your wife looks dirty and unkept…. That’s no excuse! If you truly love her,teach her to look exactly the way you want her too.
You will be so surprised to know your wife is such an amazing beauty….

You complain that it is her nagging that puts you off and that’s why you cheat…Big Bros,that’s not an excuse…

Have you taken time to find out the reason? A lot of women nag because they are frustrated and do not have
a listening man..
You spend your Fridays dancing and drinking away your time at the club, Leaving your wife and children all lonely at home?
And then you say, my wife is so boring….

Please find out what truly excites that woman And don’t use that as an excuse to cheat……..
Friends, The list is simple endless! There’s no reason good enough in the world to cheat on your wife! No matter how bad she
is, She really must have a good side.

Please love and encourage her and stay with your family.The women you are chasing all over in town will only stay With you

Because of what you have to offer. They will run with three legs when you have a little challenge! But your wife will never leave you!

Sweet brother No woman in this world will love you better than your wife So stick to her and remember that first love that brought you together!

Your wife deserve the best please take care of that woman!!!!

Hmnnnnn and Ego says…..Oh wow…..this is well deep and thoughtful….I urge all men to actually read and digest the words line by line.