Kefee Oh Kefee, This Is My Personal Tribute To You Sunshine


Death comes. It comes to each family each person and is a part of the cycle right? We expect it when our family members are old and totally  lived many decades. Has that been the case of Kefee?

We expect it when our loved one has been ill for a long time. Has Kefee’s death not been a sudden heart break to all of us who believed and supported her?

From the day we come into the world kicking and screaming or quiet and unassuming, we are one step closer to the end. Some try to defy the end by praying and hoping to live longer through vodoo….Has Kefee not believed in the giver of life and worshipped him through songs?

But the fact of the matter is when the bell tolls, it may be for us. It will inevitably be for us. It takes much soul searching to accept it when death comes totally unexpectedly.

I have respected you  as a person, I have listened to your songs, I never fail to promote your songs or pictures here, I have made more than 10 posts about you on egosentrik. You are so humble yet fierce….

You are one of those celebrities that appreciate the promotion they got from my Blog….and have never failed to say thank you!

Mende Maryland, Lagos was where I spent my teenage life and part of my adulthood, it’s a neighbourhood you resided at some point too. You even gave back to the community by investing in a restaurant business in that same neighbourhood.

I was all smiles when you gave advice to established and up coming celebrities, not to focus on buying flashy things with their money, but think of investments that will keep them when they become old and weary.

But death suddenly shot down a bright shinning star! Today has been one of the saddest days of my life…because you left the face of the earth. I couldn’t get my self to report your death or the sudden event that led to your death. My heart was too heavy to do so…I only celebrated your achievements here and couldn’t get myself to write those sad news about a gorgeous soul like you Kefee….

See some of the numerous links of posts I’ve made about you on egosentrik blog:

I mourn you as if I lost a sister and friend….adieu Kefee…..the heavens have received another angelic voice that will praise God forever!!!!!


3 comments on “Kefee Oh Kefee, This Is My Personal Tribute To You Sunshine

  1. Emeka says:

    Nice Tribute. You really did celebrate her. Not long ago you were talking about her new song. I listened to bramana throughout yesterday. May her soul RIP

  2. MARGARET says:

    Wat a beauty.May her gentle soul rest in peace

  3. Victor says:

    Such a sad news. May her soul rest in peace

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