Another Civil War In Nigeria Soon?


It is only a fool that cannot see the signs of civil war brewing in Nigeria in the name of political rivalry and tribalism. I had a conversation with one of the victims of the last civil war in Nigeria which left millions of Igbos and other tribes who supported them dead.

I told the lady about my plans of relocating to Nigeria early next year and she laughed saying my daughter, that will be one of the greatest mistakes you will ever make so far. “Maybe you should wait till after 2015″…I wondered why she sounded that way. When I questioned her her reasons and she told me that what we see in Nigeria today was what played out when the previous civil war broke out.

She said the Northern herdsmen have been seen all around the strategic places in Nigeria, especially in the Eastern Nigeria. Today 2 explosives were discovered in a church in Owerri. A state where 99% of residents are Christians and Igbos, but has gradually seen muslims creeping into their TV and radio stations. Some of the Igbo converts have changed their names to muslim name and these are the people that will betray the Igbos when the time comes.

I am afraid that people in Nigeria might not foresee what is happening but judging from the insecurities, terrorist attacks and marginalisation, I fear for my DEAR NATION.