Nigerian Super Eagles Played A Disgraceful Match Against Iran!!!!

Angry Nigerian Supporter in Brazil

Angry Nigerian Supporter in Brazil

There was no urgency to win the match by the Nigerian players. Nigerian supporters on ground seem so disappointed with the Super Eagles and started booing them till the end of the game. You can see one of the supporters in the picture very angry!!!

Enyeama tried his best and at some point went down on his knees, I don’t know whether he was praying or just disappointed. The commentators said Nigerians played a poor quality game and I totally agree with them

All they seem to do is being selfish and trying to shine individually instead of playing like a team. I did not see team spirit, forward attack tactics. Moses and Emenike kept trying to outshine each other….very annoying!!!

The ultimate disgrace is the Nigerian team coach Stephen Keshi shown on big screen laughing/smiling at the end of the game? That makes me wonder whether something is up his sleeves………………….