Toya Washington Up For Eviction In Big Brother UK


We saw Toya grab the power as the *power housemate* voted in by housemates who believed in her. But it seems Big Brother organisers used that opportunity to manipulate her personality so that she can be voted out. They gave her tasks that would stir up hatred and disagreements…Big Brother organisers are the reason the house is boring. They should stop mountain unnecessary pressure on people with this power housemate thingy…it’s really getting awkward and annoying.

It baffles me how people make horrible comments about others. Only dumb brains dislike honest and intelligent people. Yes at 22 she already got her degree why is it an issue with y’all?

You guys already knew she co-hosts a TV show before putting her in there? Why is freaking Rylan or whatever he calls himself being sarcastic about it? Oh well you people are so predictable!!! Last week on Big Brother bit on the side one of the panel dumb head said “now that Pauline is gone, Toya will take over the mother figure and we will get rid of her”….like seriously?????

I bet after getting rid of Toya, y’all will jump on the next black dick head Marlon and take him out as well. Useless Luisa Zisman who reasons with her tits said Marlon thought she wanted to actually have sex with him. Just making him look stupid and passing the wrong impression to the outside world.

To think that I absolutely wanted to go into that house, I so much don’t wanna make a fool of myself, cos you lot are bunch of pathetic people. Maybe I’ll feel better and delete this post later….

But as someone who is not afraid to speak her mind I must be honest, I don’t think Toya should be chatting sh*t with Marlon cos he’s not worth the stress. But TOYA is very REAL and if she messes up in that house, I’ll still blast her about it. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT.