Ego’s Advice To Nigerian Girls Over Sex and Movie Roles- NOLLYWOOD


There is no smoke without fire! Every now and then, female actresses accuse male producers of demanding sex from them in exchange for movie roles. To some extent I believe it is practically true.

Meanwhile, that sort of clears my thought on why high percentage of dumb girls fill up Nollywood Industry, acting dumb roles and being used by tout producers.

First of all, why don’t you start by auditioning in a movie by fellow female producers? Abi are they all LESBIANS and demand sex too? I think such stories are for people who don’t have confidence in their acting skills. If you do have confidence in yourself, then audition for such roles that will put you out there!

If you compete based on skills, then you will be sought after by other good producers. I am not ruling out some mad dogs in men’s body who can’t seem to get enough sex in their miserable lives are not there taking advantage of desparate, vulnerable women.

ANYWAYS….my ultimate advice is ladies! Try to record such events secretly without him knowing. I don’t mean recording your sex session with him…lol, rather, record your conversation with him as a proof. I have heard these accusations over 20 something years ago, yet no single evidence to back up claims. We need them exposed, in order to bring dignity and sanctity to Nollywood again, if there was any *ouch*