EBOLA: Nigerian and Liberian Victims Left To Die


News coming to me from Liberia is that they detain people in the Isolation centre once you have fever or vomit for any reason, which could be MALARIA. You will be pushed in the Isolation Centre to die without any formal test. The bad news is that people are now mixed up with already tested EBOLA victims, exposing them to the VIRUS if they never had it. 3 Pregnant women were recorded to have died in LIBERIA because hospitals shut their doors. One of the women died in a Taxi she boarded on her way to the hospital, she couldn’t gain access, got exhausted, then died. The driver had to flee for his life and the baby in her tummy suffocated!!!

What was the woman’s crime? Her only crime is being pregnant during EBOLA Outbreak in Liberia, she wasn’t even infected, but because she was in long hours labour without proper medical car, she died.

People are escaping from the isolation centres in Lagos and Liberia, because they are simply left to die off. The plan behind this hideous crime is to kill off the disease once a VICTIM DIES.

Let us not forget that the Health Workers- Doctors, Nurses and other health care givers didn’t ask to contract the deadly disease. It befell them while helping a fellow human. Why put them in ISOLATION CENTRES, and leave them to die?

One will ask the big question, who wants to die by treating them? The answer is, provide the right kits needed for such treatment. WE HEARD PRESIDENT JONATHAN RELEASED 1.9 billion Naira to improve the centre, provide equipments, drugs and basic amenities such as light water, food, disinfectants etc.

The Nurse who died in quarantine, revealed before her death that they were left to die like insignificant animals. They treated them like dogs left to die…they are treated like they asked to contract EBOLA!!!!!

Nigeria is capable of approaching the CANADIAN GOVT for the Experimental drugs which they claim cured monkeys with EBOLA. Try it on these HUMANS for Christ Sake!!.

Give hope to Nigerians, I don’t mean freaking MEDIA LIES!!! I mean REAL HOPE…DRUGS and Clean Environment.