NMA: Nollywood Movie Awards A Total Mess and Utter Rubbish Says EGO

ego sisi2

It is quite challenging living in this part of the world and getting the news about the glits and glamour of the Nigerian entertainment industry. As a business woman, Blogger, Social media/entertainment and POLITICAL enthusiast , I have often relied on friends in the entertainment circus, social media and TV to get information about happenings in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

I have always wanted to watch all the movie awards live on TV or physically attend them, but circumstances and location is such a huge barrier, but will soon be history as I will be moving back to Nigeria soon.

Back to the NOLLYWOOD MOVIE AWARDS that held last night 18/10/2014. I finally got the opportunity of watching it live as shown on Oh TV channel. Thanks and no thanks to OH Tv. Thanks to them for being able to bring such a horror to behold on live TV and no thanks to them as most of the times, I felt like I was watching NTA channel from my village. Too many technical errors and noise. Majority of Nollywood Stars were not even there. The big stars that managed to attend were swallowed up by razz people.

Where do I start from? the lady below by name Toyin Aimakhu the very proud Vice President of Actors Guild of Nigeria. She is so arrogant and have no respect for public events. On 2 occasions she jumped up to receive awards on behalf of people who didn’t deem it fit to turn up for the event, which I don’t blame them cos they would’ve been bored through their *nipples*. Then the 3rd time she presented an Award, stayed back on stage and chatting away shamelessly while using hand gestures to demonstrate to whomever she was chatting to, therefore distracting and annoying everybody.


Toyin Aimakhu should be taught how to compose herself in public and not tell us she is the producer of movies that won awards (and so FREAKING WHAT!!!) and therefore must collect the meaningless trophies they bought amongst themselves. She was so annoying that she ruined the whole experience for everyone in the room where we watched the Award last night. Plus I noticed the clique of Yoruba actresses who are organisers, the award recipients and also producers themselves…lolz.

For once in my life I agree with Clarion Chukwurah that these Awards are just cheap plagues and the organisers are just after money and nothing more.

d and d

Secondly, Denrele Edun and Dakore Egbuson are the most set of boring hosts I’ve ever seen hosting Awards. Denrenle was so unprofessional and probably thought speaking pigeon English and trying too hard to be funny meant he was down to earth or probably a core good Nigerian. Hell no it made him appear so annoying, ghettoish and loud mouthed.

Uru Eke, was there speaking through her nose that a producer Kunle Afolayan got confused with her question and responded in the dumbest form ever!!! Everybody speaking English with their local intonation and forming phonetics..hehehehe.

Furthermore, the organisers felt they were in a wedding venue. Round table with drinks and chewies everywhere. But the most important people hugely missing in action were the real and true “FANS”. The fans were not there to cheer their favourite actors/actresses. How will the FANS be there when the fee they have to pay is high? Their should be a ‘VIP row’ which is front row not a round table. ‘Premium rows’ for people who can afford it and then, the standard row for FANS(of course low fee). We only had table full of pompous bleachers(so called celebs), pot belly men and old mama youngy women, alongside a clueless oyibo. They all found it very difficult to cheer, very difficult to scream, very difficult to appreciate someone on stage. Why won’t they? They were drunk, overfed and bored FULL STOP!

Organisers of this YORUBA MOVIES AWARDS, which is what it was and looks like, should learn to strip down Award nights to seat rows, just like other big screen award nights all over the world. Round table setting is a bull crap and meant some people like PAPA TINSEL was left alone in a round table while looking bored and lost.

The whole award was won by YORUBA PEOPLE AND YORUBA MOVIES. But it all made sense to me when the chief organiser was shown to be a Yoruba man and the vice president AGN is Yoruba also. It was a heavily loaded Yoruba event. The only 3 Awards that went to non-yoruba movie were the awards given to the movie titled ‘Onye Ozi’ and the one given to a Calabar girl. It wasn’t well rounded and I felt a strong sense of tribal marginalisation.

I dare you people to throw the challenge of organising your next Award to me EGO and make sure you provide everything I request for and don’t pay me a single kobo and it will be the talk of town.

Host Dakore wore a particular dress showing ‘family ab’ and not ‘fab ab’ all through the short while she stayed there…lol. There were 2 hosts and 2 co hosts.

Confused Co-Hosts- Gideon (L) and Uru(R)

Then 2 hosts disappeared and we were subjected to Denrele and Uru’s childish play. I didn’t see the lovely faces of Nollywood divas and guys. Maybe they only appeared on the red carpet and that’s it or they didn’t clearly want to associate with FAILURE#LaughingInMyVillageLocalAccent. Nollywood is divided and it is really showing by the things we hear and see.

Kelly Rowland and Dare 'Art' Alade

The Nollywood Movie Award should be taken to a whole new level next year. It should beDare ‘Art’ Alade kinda event. He is the only one getting it right at the moment, as far as hosting skills for big events is concerned. He does magic with the stage, as the technology and lighting involved are incredible. He is not there yet but his Valentine shows are always brilliant.

On a positive side, the only person who will receive my praise today is comedian ‘Tee A’below. He presented an award, showed off his comedy side as well as intelligent bit. He nailed it for me.

Tee A

Enough said. Come after me and holy-ghost fire will burn you and dry you beyond recognition. #NdiOsoChiEgbu ***rolls my sexy eyes*** #DeepSighOfRelief

You people should stop behaving like we are not in the 21st century and letting old people organise trendy events like a whole NOLLYWOOD MOVIE AWARDS. The appauling side of our movie industry is that all their brains only think about the African Movie Awards (AMA). That is where you people dress like chickens and antelopes to shine your annoying teeth to the Camera. Just for once GET IT RIGHT NOLLYWOOD!!!!!