EGO: Business and Pleasure At Lancaster London


Egosentrik at Lancaster London

As a Life Coach and Blogger, the words Business and pleasure go hand in hand for me ***winks***. My private clients come from different ages and backgrounds and I must say that I discovered myself fully as a Life Coach and can’t be thankful enough to God. Since launching my career I’ve had the opportunity of working with mostly women and quite a few men(Men keep things to themselves and that poses problems in their lives). One of my biggest breakthrough doing my job, was with a popular celebrity who introduced me to my beautiful Russian client, whom I met today at Lancaster London. My aim is to work with lots of women and girls(including teenagers) who are stuck in life, confused about their relationships or marriages, facing stress at work, school or whatever difficulties life throws at them. I want to help women attain their potentials and be selfmade both financially and other aspects of their lives. We need strong women in this world and when I say strong, I mean women who control wealth and power!!! If this sounds like you or group of friends then get in touch through my contact details Email: (men are also welcome to contact me).

Some of you maybe wondering what the duties of a Life Coach/Mentor are, but don’t worry I’ll tell you: “A life coach is responsible for guiding people that are confused on what to do into their lives. We support goal-setting, personal growth, and behaviour modification of our clients. As professionals, we help people to achieve their goals by improving different actions necessary to take control of their future plans/ambitions.” As a Life Coach, I have a mentor myself, and our relationship spanned from paid to unpaid and full blown mentor, whom I can speak to about just anything and she gives me the best techniques to deal with the issues at hand.

A lot of us have marriage issues, work issues, betrayed by loved ones or friends, don’t know what our talents are (I’ll help you discover that), weight gain and weight loss etc. Whatever it is I am here to help you every step of the way. Privacy and Secrecy is my utmost priority therefore I’ll let my clients make referrals and not me discuss my success stories.

Ehen….*clears throat*** Back to my experience at Lancaster London!!! This Hotel is one of the reputable hotels in London and offer first class services to their customers. The interior decoration boasts of Victorian/Modern designs, which makes it ideal for individuals of all age and sizes. My full English Breakfast was yummy and my room is fantabulous. Me and mine had a lovely dinner at Spice of India Restaurant, details are on the picture just incase you are looking for an amazing Indian Restaurant around Lancaster Gate, London.



I am having the time of my life and remember, if you are sad seeing me happy, you gotta dig your grave, cos you are dying soon…cos this life is short and must be enjoyed ***RollsMyRomanticEyes***.