Tell Me Between Omoyele Sowore and Jonathan Who Looks Clueless and Tactless

Omoyele Sowore

The founder of Sahara reporters Omoyele Sowore and his team have tagged the number one man in Nigeria as tactless, clueless and corrupt.

This is as a result of him trying to clear the allegation that APC politicians bought a house worth $5 million dollars for him. The guy started pointing fingers at Jonathan as the culprit who made up the story to deter his image.

In my little world, I am just wondering if this dude is actually correct that he has no business with APC, yet he ran a fake internet poll which saw the president loose %75 to General Buhari of APC?(I Laugh In Igbo Accent). I also heard that he is an adopted son of Bola Tinubu who has several criminal records covered up in USA (the kinda leaders we have in Nigeria).

It is only in Nigeria that people have the guts to rub shoulders with a president, just because he is a gentleman? We all know what happened to the Activists during the time of Goodluck Jonathan’s predecessors!!! Some of them never came out from kirikiri. Some assassinated in broad day light!!! How many assassination stories have we heard since Jonathan became president? Ndi ara ara bara anya!!!

He is just too soft for you lot, and by far he is and remains the best Democratic President Nigeria has had so far. I only knew the theoretical definition of Democracy from my Government class in secondary school, and after many years, I witnessed it in my country and huge thanks to Jonathan for FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!

I hate Nigerian politics with PASSION!!! I hate APC and PDP syndrome in Nigeria. These two political parties “are like dreaded disease seeping through the pores of a healthy body and ravaging it beyond repair”.

Nigerian youths are easily brainwashed by these politicians, handing them bribe money to support their plot to loot Nigeria until it falls apart. Until Nigerian youths revolt against Nigerian politics, it might still continue like this. But I know in 2019, Nigeria will get a MAKEOVER!

PLEASE NOTE: I won’t fall for bribe to shut up about the dirtiness of Nigerian politics. I will not turn down a political appointment to help set records right, just like Dora Akunyili. I am not for PDP or APC, I am an Igbo Woman who will cast my vote to the right individual and will influence as many people as I can to do thesame.