EXCLUSIVE: The True Story Behind Emmanuel Adebayor’s Family Feud and The Lady Behind It All

emmanuel_adebayor family

You may not know this, but here is the gist flying around for a while now, the family of  Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor, known as Emmanuel Adebayor,  a Togolese footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the Togo national team, has been granting interviews about spreading allegations by his family over him not assisting them despite being rich. Adebayor has since explained what he has done for his family members yet they are still painting him red in the eyes of the world.

Here is what a close friend revealed about the true story behind the Dirty Family feud. Here it goes clears throat ‘eehhherrrem..

charity 1

….the koko is they don’t like the mother of Adebayor’s daughter ( his wife) Charity.  Ade’s mum wanted him to settle with one Ghana babe like that ( she’s married now Tho ).

Long story cut short:  Ade’s family feel charity used juju to make Ade hate his own family. Which I don’t think it’s true, Ade was all giving but when he settled with Charity, she  advised he starts investing, the usual HUGE AMOUNT OF money his family would always get in something lucrative, therefore,  he stopped sending that much to them. #BasicallyStoppedWasting Before Charity stepped in, he had promised to build each of his family member a house in either Ghana or Togo ( according to his close friends) but the guy changed his mind thanks to Charity.  She felt it was better to invest and start business or Something for each of them, then later build them houses, that didn’t go down well with his family. Continue reading