HBD EGO: It’s My Birthday!!! I Just Wanna Party!!! #ThatIgboGirl

ego 3

Find My word of wisdom on this very day 1st of December below: 

Not everyone that sh*ts on you is an enemy. But not everyone that Cleans your sh*t is a friend. Be wise and be careful, life is very deep and deeper than you think.

So 1st of Dec is my birthday and I decided to show myself some love as can be seen on my top in the pic above. Charity they say begins at home. If you don’t love yourself who will??? More pics later, depending on how I feel ***winks***

Happy birthday to me EGO #ThatIgboGirl #IgboBabesRock #YouMustMarryAnIgboBabe #EgoThatIgboGirl #EgosentrikHerself

EGO: Business and Pleasure At Lancaster London


Egosentrik at Lancaster London

As a Life Coach and Blogger, the words Business and pleasure go hand in hand for me ***winks***. My private clients come from different ages and backgrounds and I must say that I discovered myself fully as a Life Coach and can’t be thankful enough to God. Since launching my career I’ve had the opportunity of working with mostly women and quite a few men(Men keep things to themselves and that poses problems in their lives). One of my biggest breakthrough doing my job, was with a popular celebrity who introduced me to my beautiful Russian client, whom I met today at Lancaster London. My aim is to work with lots of women and girls(including teenagers) who are stuck in life, confused about their relationships or marriages, facing stress at work, school or whatever difficulties life throws at them. I want to help women attain their potentials and be selfmade both financially and other aspects of their lives. We need strong women in this world and when I say strong, I mean women who control wealth and power!!! If this sounds like you or group of friends then get in touch through my contact details Email: egosentrikd@gmail.com (men are also welcome to contact me).

Some of you maybe wondering what the duties of a Life Coach/Mentor are, but don’t worry I’ll tell you: “A life coach is responsible for guiding people that are confused on what to do into their lives. We support goal-setting, personal growth, and behaviour modification of our clients. As professionals, we help people to achieve their goals by improving different actions necessary to take control of their future plans/ambitions.” As a Life Coach, I have a mentor myself, and our relationship spanned from paid to unpaid and full blown mentor, whom I can speak to about just anything and she gives me the best techniques to deal with the issues at hand.
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PHOTOS: Dash Of Bright Colours To Bring Out Your Feminism By Ego Umez



So ladies, we are so used to not being bothered about our colour combo. I noticed these days, I would just step out in all black attires and sometimes colours that are neutral to both men and women. I often tell myself that stepping out in these so called matured colours, will definitely bring out my matured look, however, sometimes when I visit shops to buy alcohol, the shop keepers often ask for my ID to make sure I am of drinking age….*shaking my head***…. at this my age? nawa ooo

MORE PHOTOS BELOW…..I have decided to combine certain girlie soft colours in my outfit and hopefully it will convince you to ditch those your depressing dull clothings…hehe. HAPPY VIEWING PEEPS…..
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NMA: Nollywood Movie Awards A Total Mess and Utter Rubbish Says EGO

ego sisi2

It is quite challenging living in this part of the world and getting the news about the glits and glamour of the Nigerian entertainment industry. As a business woman, Blogger, Social media/entertainment and POLITICAL enthusiast , I have often relied on friends in the entertainment circus, social media and TV to get information about happenings in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

I have always wanted to watch all the movie awards live on TV or physically attend them, but circumstances and location is such a huge barrier, but will soon be history as I will be moving back to Nigeria soon.

Back to the NOLLYWOOD MOVIE AWARDS that held last night 18/10/2014. I finally got the opportunity of watching it live as shown on Oh TV channel. Thanks and no thanks to OH Tv. Thanks to them for being able to bring such a horror to behold on live TV and no thanks to them as most of the times, I felt like I was watching NTA channel from my village. Too many technical errors and noise. Majority of Nollywood Stars were not even there. The big stars that managed to attend were swallowed up by razz people.

Where do I start from? the lady below by name Toyin Aimakhu the very proud Vice President of Actors Guild of Nigeria. She is so arrogant and have no respect for public events. On 2 occasions she jumped up to receive awards on behalf of people who didn’t deem it fit to turn up for the event, which I don’t blame them cos they would’ve been bored through their *nipples*. Then the 3rd time she presented an Award, stayed back on stage and chatting away shamelessly while using hand gestures to demonstrate to whomever she was chatting to, therefore distracting and annoying everybody.


Toyin Aimakhu should be taught how to compose herself in public and not tell us she is the producer of movies that won awards (and so FREAKING WHAT!!!) and therefore must collect the meaningless trophies they bought amongst themselves. She was so annoying that she ruined the whole experience for everyone in the room where we watched the Award last night. Plus I noticed the clique of Yoruba actresses who are organisers, the award recipients and also producers themselves…lolz.

For once in my life I agree with Clarion Chukwurah that these Awards are just cheap plagues and the organisers are just after money and nothing more.

d and d

Secondly, Denrele Edun and Dakore Egbuson are the most set of boring hosts I’ve ever seen hosting Awards. Denrenle was so unprofessional and probably thought speaking pigeon English and trying too hard to be funny meant he was down to earth or probably a core good Nigerian. Hell no it made him appear so annoying, ghettoish and loud mouthed.

Uru Eke, was there speaking through her nose that a producer Kunle Afolayan got confused with her question and responded in the dumbest form ever!!! Everybody speaking English with their local intonation and forming phonetics..hehehehe.

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MAVIN Crew: Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid…..Jumps On London Underground Train

Mavin UK Tour

Mavin UK Tour

In Dr Sid’s opinion when you visit Rome, then you gotta behave like the Romans. He is only tryna tell us that, they are not broke to ride on Limousine, but have decided to enjoy the craziness and buzziness of London Underground Trains…lol.

We don hear people, I bet no one recognised you people on that jampacked train…hehe. Rihanna was nearly not noticed when she jumped on the underground train, cos we Londoners ain’t got time to ‘look Uche face’…LMAO.

Nice one guys, but I still love me old ‘MoHits Crew‘. Can’t get over the loss…lol. Don’t blame me guys, this whole new crew seem so unnatural to me, I don’t even know all their names, but my Mohits crew back in the day are real to the core and are themselves any day anytime. If they added Tiwa but still remained MOHits, it would’ve been lovely. #MySelfishOpinionTho