HILARIOUS: Watch This Lil African Boy Narrate ‘Commando’ Movie…LMAO


It’s midweek already, so lets keep cracking on with whatever gives us some quid in our pocket isn’t it? Meanwhile, I just want you to have a good laugh while watching this short video. If you are in the office, just make sure you don’t “Laugh Out Loud”, if not in my ‘Lord Sugar’s Voice…..#YouAreFired

This guy will make a good movie Director you know or an actor, I wish he will be discovered early enough and trained accordingly. He is an orphan and quite talented. My only fear is that he watched this kind of killing spree movie at his age? and described the killings very well? hmmnnnn….


Meet The Guy Who Eats Insects For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Meet the student who eats insects for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Peter Bickerton believes eating bugs will ward off heart disease and other illnesses (Picture: News Dog Media)

The guy in the picture enjoys eating insects and at the end of this article, you’ll find his creepy recipe…..*awkward*

Below is a report from METRO:

Student Peter Bickerton makes the pampered stars of I’m A Celebrity look complete wimps for making a fuss over scoffing bugs.

The creepy-crawly connoisseur tucks into locusts for breakfast, crickets for lunch and waxworms for dinner – and estimates he’s wolfed down 16,000 insects in the past three years.

He started off blending locusts with beef to make burgers. But he found they were so delicious he was happy to ditch the meat altogether.
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Holy Hill Church Abuja Gave Members $100 For Coming To Church???


So according to an attendee, everyone who attended church got the token? Haha



Please help me gather all the beggars in Abuja and around Abuja sharp sharp…kindly take them to below address if it’s true:

Church Address
Immaculate Hotel & Suites
Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja


Photo of the dayss


What a man can do…a woman can?you can complete it….only in Naija…..lolz…not funny tho. I know we shall eradicate poverty in our society someday, but until priorities are placed right and the money launderers start having humane conscience and remember that the poor Nigerians should have a piece of that National cake.