New York Police Department Twitter Call Out Backfires……LMAO


The New York police department had earlier, invited people to tweet pictures of their dealings with “New York’s finest” with the hashtag #myNYPD, however, they got what they bargained or didn’t bargain for…hehe.

Below was their request on@NYPDNews Twitter page

“Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD,” the message read. “It may be featured on our Facebook.”

They were flooded with hundreds of photos of police brutality during Occupy Wall Street, one of an 84-year-old man brutalised for jaywalking – and even a dog being frisked as can be seen below:


More than 70,000 people had tweeted about police brutality, ridiculing the NYPD for a social media disaster and recalling the names of people shot dead by police.

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Nigerian Image Destroyers: Mail From Brother Steven Madu

 419 scma

I know lots of people across the world get stupid emails, like the one you are about to read. My anger about this particular one, is the fact that an idiot who will rot in hell fire if he doesn’t repent, uses the name of God for fraud? I am so pissed with these individuals that bring shame to Nigeria in the name of scam.  Although, other African countries who are just waking up to internet age are now largely sending crappy scam emails on facebook, twitter, gmail etc. One would’ve thought that google will filter such aggressive scam emails that flood my inbox in hundreds.


Brother Steven Madu

Telephone: +234-810-384 8444

Dear Beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus! May the Lord’s favor
and peace be multiplied to you, see Numbers 6:24-26;2 Peter 1:2.The word
of God also says, They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength,
they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be
weary, and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31.It is a privilege
to share this great testimony with you, to God be thy glory.

I am Brother Steven Madu, happily married to my wife with four children.
During a prayer and fasting session in our church i asked God Almighty to
direct me to an honest person that will use this Fund righteously to reach
the needy, the less privilege and lost souls. For the word of God says,
“what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loss his
soul”. The bible also says, “the blessing of God comes supernaturally and
it is through Divine favor”. The amount involved, is $6.5m US dollar (Six
million, five hundred thousand US dollars) This said fund was
acquired,when i was working with an International Oil Firm in my Country,
I was the field operational Manager of Exporting of CRUDE OIL in my
Company when i was in the world. I gave my life to God Almighty after my
predicaments in the world and God really touched my life. Then, after
given my life to God, I packaged the fund and deposited the fund with an
international Bank here in Nigeria, i will like to invest the fund on the
things that will glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for His
wonderful deeds in my life.

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Mountain Of Fire Pastor Beats and Drags Ex-Wife Out Of The House, Estranged Wife Says

I can’t actually beleive a ‘man of God’ can fall into the temptation of beating up his wife? Anyways, before he became a man of God he was only human and will always be human. Wife battery is not allowed in any shape or form and I personally sternly condemn such acts by irresponsible men. 
Read Bessem Okafor’s ordeal, she’s the ex-wife of  Pastor Chris Okafor Mountain of Liberation Miracles Ministires as reported by PUNCH.

I have not seen my children for nine months and our lawyers agreed that I could come see them at home after school hours by 5pm. I went to the house at the appointed time, but my children were not there. I had to wait outside in the compound until 10pm before my husband arrived; the children were not with him.

BURIED: Peaches Geldof Coffin Decorated With Heartbreaking Family Portrait

Pictures from Peaches Geldof Funeral

A  family portrait can be seen on Peaches Geldof’s coffin, as her devastated friends and family paid tribute at the funeral service.

The coffin was painted sky blue and decorated with a picture of Peaches alongside her husband, her two young children and their pet dogs.

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NIGERIA: Police Officials Prevent Jobless Graduate From Committing Suicide In Uyo

graduate attempts suicide in Uyo Akwaibom state

I hope President Jonathan, his advisers and all state Governors can now prioritise job creation across all Nigerian states in order to save the lives of the unemployed youths. The rise in crime and insecurity in Nigeria is because the Youths are not empowered to own their businesses or gain employment. Small businesses have no access to unsecured loans from banks etc.

Below is a report from Punch regarding the incident in Uyo Akwa Ibom state:

An unemployed engineering graduate of Ekiti State University, Mr. Sunday Omotayo, was on Wednesday prevented from committing suicide by the police and prison officials.

Omotayo, who caused a stir along Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital, when he deliberately jumped out of a speeding Toyota Hiace bus, expecting to be crushed to death by other vehicles, said he was tired of life as he had been searching for a job for the past 10 years after graduation.
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UPDATE: Peaches Geldof’s Body Has Been Released To Her Family For Funeral

Peaches-Geldof Dead

The post-mortem into the death of 25-year-old’s TV presenter/writer  Peaches Geldof, was carried out yesterday and has proved ‘inconclusive’.

This outcome prompted further toxicology tests, the results of which are due in two to three weeks.

25 year old mother of 2 Peaches died on Monday, leaving her husband, kids, only sister and her Dad. Police are treating the death as “non-suspicious” and “sudden”.

May her soul continue to rest in peace! #Sad #TooYoung

UPDATE: Peaches Geldof’s Post-mortem To Take Place Tomorrow Wed 9th March 2014

Peaches Geldof dies aged 25

25 year old TV presenter and a columnist for a magazine company Peaches Geldof, who is also the second daughter of musician Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates, has died yesterday, leaving a husband and two sons.

She had had recently become a columnist for Mother & Baby magazine. Below is what she revealed:

 “I lived a life of wanton wanderlust. With fun loving friends from Los Angeles to London, I was lost in a haze of youth and no responsibilities.

“Other than work there was nothing stopping me from having constant fun. But it was becoming boring, I wanted an anchor – I craved it. And when I had two wailing, smiling, joyful little blobs of waddling pink flesh they became my entire existence and saved me from one of pure apathy.”

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