MUST WATCH: Boko Haram Video Surfaces Over 276 They Abducted Says They Plan To Sell Them


The terrorist group Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the abduction of more than 270 schoolgirls in Chibok, Nigeria2 weeks ago. In a video message today, the group’s leader says he now plans to sell the girls.

Watch the shocking video Clicking HERE, as translated in English.

Or you can watch a youtube video below, just that you may not understand a single word

Why I Am Not Going To Cry- Chibok Girls 

chibok girls
Nigeria is the centre of Nollywood the 3rd biggest movie industry in the entertainment world and there’s a drama going on ‘live’ as I write, it’s called, “the chibok girls”. It is the sad but deeply touching true life story of some innocent girls kidnapped at their school by… Who else but, Boko Haram. Oh! Sorry, you must have heard about it. I just wasted your time.
The girls were kidnapped two weeks ago but the drama started this week and trust this center that has given the world such epic movies like ossuofiasian, Mr. Ibu in london and the last flight to Abuja.

The dramatist personnel were not lacking. The people who kept quiet when Chimamanda’s ‘half a yellow sun’ that told the story of how genocide was committed against millions was banned decided to jump to the streets and cry for the release of the kidnapped angels. But, that’s not why i am not going to cry. But, it’s really saddening that all these street cry and drama over the Chibok girls didn’t start until some western organizations picked interest and NGO ‘s and people who desperately needed to update their CV’s and enhance their funding opportunities started jumping out.
But, that’s not why I am not going to cry.

I am not going to cry because my heart is so much hardened and I have lost feelings of sympathy. The truth is that I tried as I could, I just couldn’t shed even an atom of tears. My eyes are completely dried of tears and I have shed more than enough for a ten life time in this single life just for the simple fact of where I come from and my religion.
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Marriage or Money first???

thinking man

Dear Ego

I am a fresh graduate, just finished my masters degree in electrical electronics and have passed with Merit. I have also had a girlfriend for the past 4 years and although she has not  started pushing or bugging me yet for marriage; I know there is this unspoken expectation that soon after my masters, we should be getting married. I have often over-heard her folks ask her for how long more we want to wait before we tie the knot.

The thing is I have 2 very close friends who are older than me, actually both are in their late 30s but have very different lives.  Femi  married straight after he got his first job and now has kids and all , while Kunle went straight into contracting and business  and is still not married.
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SAD STORY: Teacher Murdered By Her Student While In The Classroom

Murdered teacher Ann Maguire

Yesterday, when I read the sad news of the teacher whom everyone described as kind hearted, lovely, and infact everything good in a human. I wondered why good people die? Even parents of the school children who also attended the school could attest how nice the woman is and how her infectious smile always came across even when she’s teaching. For her to be murdered just like that, is so unfair to her and everyone who knew her.

Below is a report from Daily Mail with regards to her death…sad!!! sad!!! sad!!!

Murdered teacher Ann Maguire was working on her day off when she was stabbed to death and begged students to flee the classroom rather than see the horrific attack on her by one of their fellow students.

The 61-year-old was only at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds for 45 minutes on Monday when a boy allegedly walked up behind her and repeatedly plunged a kitchen knife into her neck and back.

Mrs Maguire – described today as ‘simply the best’ by past and present students – had told her husband Don, 62, she could not spend the day with him at home because she wanted to help students prepare for their exams.

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MUST READ: Huge Percentage Of Nigerian Police Men Are Mentally Unfit For Purpose


There has been alarming cases of rape, murder, incessant killings and rituals associated to Nigerian Police force.

First,there was a report that a police man killed his wife, himself and six others in trying to end his quarrels with the wife, as she runs off to her land lady’s house  anytime they have issues at home.

Secondly, another video surfaced of a Police man assaulting a woman and dragging her through muddy water and causing the woman with severe internal injuries and bleeding. The reckless police man, was filmed pointing his gun at another woman who came to rescue the woman he was battering.

Thirdly, a police man shot a delivery driver in a town close to Abuja for refusing to pay some sort of bribe. Onlookers got angry and went after 6 police men at the scene of the incident and ended up catching one of them, whom they beat and tied up like a goat ready to be killed.
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Nigerian Policeman Assaults 8-year-old Girl in Rape Attempt

Gbuchenge Augustine and Amarachi Abakwuru

Gbuchenge Augustine and Amarachi Abakwuru

“The police man had several clothing items belonging to young girls, fuelling speculation that the items may be souvenirs from possible past escapades with his victims.”

Gbuchenge Augustine is an officer of  the Police Mobile   assaulted, tied and injured an 8-year-old girl, Amarachi Abakwuru.

The incident, which came on the heels of a similar  act by the Onikan Divisional Police Officer (DPO), DSP Adekunle Awe, who allegedly raped one Ms. Idowu Akinwunmi, a mother of two recently also in Lagos, has again exposed the soft underbelly of allegations of sexual abuse perpetuated by policemen.

The police man lured his victim into his house about 8pm on Thursday, and although he didn’t succeed in raping the little girl, he exerted his frustration by tying her up and cutting her skull.

Below is how little Amarachi narrated her story:

She said, “Mopol had sent me to buy bean cake for him earlier on which I did. Later, as I wanted to go into our apartment and sleep, he dragged me into his room. Then I heard my father calling my name and I told him to allow me go answer him.

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