2Face Idibia’s Romantic Gift To Wifey After The Birth Of Their Baby

Tuface gift to Annie


Annie tweet

Tell me why women won’t fall head over heels for Tuface? This Dude sure knows how to appreciate a woman. Little gestures like this can melt a woman’s heart…expensive gifts are most welcome too. However, at intervals sneak up on her with love letters, flowers, teddies, even cook a meal. I know some men are crap at cooking but hey guys, we ladies will eat your crap (food) and enjoy it more than anything….lol. Guys trust me on this one, I am talking from first hand experience…*winks*.

2Face and Annie Idibia

2Face and Annie Idibia

David Mark Has Denied Buying Tuface & Annie N47m Ferari car

Annie and Tuface

Annie and Tuface

Over the weekend the luxury wedding of Innocent Idibia popularly known as TuFace Idibia took place in Dubai. We learned that some dignitaries and celebrities flooded the event and attendees were not allowed to take pictures at the wedding venue, however, we managed to have a glimpse of the venue including the bride and groom photos  which weren’t really clear.

The whole thing took another twist with a campaign against a 47million naira Ferrari which Tuface and wife received from the Nigerian Senate President David Mark.

David Mark's claimed Ferrari gift to Tuface and Annie

David Mark’s claimed Ferrari gift to Tuface and Annie

Below is the protest message which circulated on social media in this regard: Continue reading

So At Last 2Face Is Getting Married To Annie Macaulay March 23rd in Dubai?

“Here comes the bride” in my quirky voice…lol. At last Annie Macaulay announced on facebook that she’ll be getting married to 2face in Dubai, but hasn’t disclosed the venue yet, so that gate crashers like you won’t take front seats…lol.

2Face answer me! why did it take you this long to make things right after how many kids with different women? But God don save you from my ‘celebrity he goat list’. Now Terry G has joined the league of celebrity he goats, although it hasn’t been confirmed that he had a secret traditional marriage, but why secret if there was anything like that? If not Terry G you are now number 4 on my celebrity he goat list.

My “Celebrity he goat” list goes like this:

Number one is 2face but will be taken off after 23rd of March when he eventually weds Annie Macaulay

Number 2 is Peter Okoye of Psquare, Peter go and marry your children’s mother jorr.

Number 3 is MayD, you got influenced by your former colleague Peter Okoye, see how bad habit can spread? just marry that chic abeg?

Number 4 is now Terry G who will drop to number 3 after 2face has been taken off my list. Tery G, if you have done traditional marriage then tell us and head straight for the white one and then I’ll tae you off my list.

Meanwhile 2baba well done!! A lot of men are big babies and are afraid to commit to marriage, or am I a liar???