Gov Oshiomole Apologises With No Remorse About The Widow He Abused


As the video of Gov Oshiomole’s callousness went viral yesterday, he then apologised during  a courtesy visit by the Federation of Muslim Women’s Association of Nigeria (FOMWAN).  Before you go ahead to read his so called apology, hear me out.

I commend his effort in apologising, however, there is no sense of empathy in his apology. There is no plans of returning this woman’s goods to her, infact there was nothing about way forward uttered by the Governor for this woman. Instead, he made an excuse as to why he made such an ignorant comment in front of the public. His excuse was *ANGER* and the fact that people took to social media to make a fuss about it. I am surprised though, that he didn’t blame it on the devil as most people will do *rolling my sexy eyes*.

On a more serious note, the Governor’s apology is an apology in itself….if you catch my drift. Unfortunately Nigeria is not developed enough to force his exit from that seat. This is what developed countries will do and that is why there is fair human right acts in these countries. His ass needs to be kicked, so that he will tell the good people of Nigeria what plans he has for the widows and poor people in his State. He is just there uttering more rubbish and saying that the modern society has made women bread winners, however, they should work hard in keeping the community clean *like seriously???. Gosh! I am very much disappointed by this meaningless apology, compared to how I felt after watching the inhumane video.   I must repeat myself again! DEAR GOVERNOR…heed to my free advice by:

Creating alternative options for the poor before crucifying them for breaking the law. First build low cost shops for hawkers (a very tiny shop with a shelf between them and buyers).  At least  put a low cost shop scheme for them and collect monthly payments  till they gain ownership of their respective shops through their sales…it is not rocket science SIMPLES!!!!!

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Heartless: Governor Oshiomole Abuses A Widow, Tells Her “To Go and Die”

Edo State Governor Oshiomole Adams

Governor Adams Oshiomole

A shocking video has emerged showing a helpless widow kneeling before the almighty Governor Adam Oshiomole of Edo State Nigeria, pleading with the Governor and his thugs not to confiscate her only means of livelihood as she is a widow.

To the amazement of helpless onlookers, while the woman was crying and pleading with the Governor to spare her goods, she said to the Governor, “I am a widow sir”, and his response was “GO and DIE”.

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