baby halle

The baby in the picture is Halle Onyinyechi Ikejimba, she is 6 months old and currently lives in Calabar, Nigeria with her mum.

Halle has a rare and  life-threatening childhood liver disease called Biliary Atresia. The condition affects approximately 1 in 16,000 infants shortly after birth.  Biliary Atresia is not hereditary.  There is no known cause and there is no cure. The best procedure to save this child’s life will be by Liver transplant and finding a donor can take forever, which is why many children die of this chronic illness. However, in Halle’s case we thank God that   Continue reading

Must watch: Baby Pianist 6 Months Old Nigerian-British Camilla

Camilla okai

She is soo adorable and cute. She is a baby model, up for any manner of advertising here in the UK and Nigeria. She features in Fashion, TV, Promotional and Photographic modelling work.

At 6 months she displayed her skills on a piano and now she is 7 months and still playing…LOL.

Watch this interesting video:

Sixteen Month Old Baby Suffering From Hydrocephalus


A year and four months old baby Runa Begum, is suffering from Hydrocephalus,which has been described as a medical condition that causes abnormal accumulation of fluid in cavities of the brain.

Oh dear, I can imagine the pain this baby is going through and how saddened her parents would be. *emotional moment*

Tasuku and his French Bulldog Muu Are Inseparable

The cute lil boy and his bull dog are inseparable, they do almost everything together. From eating to sleeping, eating, watching telly, cuddling up name it.  They really look awesome!!!

Would you buy a pet for your child?