Police Officer Charged For Plot To Kidnap, Cook and Eat His Wife- *Horrible*

Gilberto Valle an American police officer (New York City Police Officer) who has been tagged ‘cannibal cop’ is said to have been convicted for plotting with a British Male Nurse over the internet on how to kidnap and cook his wife and the girlfriend of the British nurse and eat their ‘girl meat’.

Imagine what the world is evolving into and the irony in this twisted story? A police officer who is meant to protect life now the one plotting to cook and eat a human? Wonders shall never end!

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Do You Fancy Eating Human Flesh? Atleast A Brit Nurse Does!!!!

When I said  wonders shall never end yesterday it sounded like a cliché but this is just as Bizarre as yesterday’s story of Man, wife and boyfriend post if not worse. Honestly the thought of this even gives me the chills, for crying out loud how does anybody fantasize on eating people!!!

According to reports, a British male nurse Dale Bollinger 57 was arrested in connection to an investigation into an international ring of Cannibals.

Apparently  Dale, befriended Lian Chen, 27 who worked for  at the Chop Chop Chinese takeaway in Kent as part of his plan with  “Cannibal Cop” in the US.

After Lian heard of the terrifying news that she had narrowly escaped being Mr Dale’s barbeque she says “I feel horrified now. You try to talk to a nice person, it’s really upsetting. It’s not right that this all happened behind my back.” She also complained about not being alerted by the police of the apparent plot of Kidnap, rape and meal deal. She had previously described Mr Dale as a “really lovely man”.

“He appeared just like a normal customer but I feel like he wanted to chat to someone,” Lian added. “I chatted to him, we shared a joke.” Says the Horrified Lian.

According to a US court’s  documents which contains purported conversations between Bolinger, who apparently used the name Moody Blues, and  Gilberto Valle (the US cop Cannibal), both men had  discussed plans to kill and cook a woman matching Lian’s description.

Within the gathered conversation  “Her name is Lian. Very cute Chinese accent … will do, get a pic of her this weekend if she meets me for coffee sometime this weekend.

“I’ve got so many plans for her! … once she comes to my house I’ll just snap her neck. It’s worked before.

The Jury of the court also heard a shocking conversation between the two men where the supposed “Mr Dale” gave cooking tips to Valle to slow roast his victims “girl fat is great for roasting potatoes and Yorkshire pudding”.  Ewww..yawk! yawk!….I feel like throwing up right now.

Mr Bolinger, has admitted taking part in “stupid” discussions on the internet but said that they were a “fantasy…None of this is real. It is all fantasy. It was my stupidity. “Because of going online and saying stupid things and putting stupid things about, thinking that it was funny.”  Really? Fantasy and jokes about slow cooking a human being just like you ?????

He has been bailed though but has been suspended from his post at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.

Lord Have Mercy!!!! Truly am afraid that wonders / strange things are not about to end.

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