egosentrik Celebrates Top Nigerian-British Born (UK Based) Musicians

egosentrik in all her majesty is celebrating world class British musicians of Nigerian descents. In no particular order we have:


Lemar, (Nigerian-British born) R&B singer and songwriter.

Birth name: Lemar Obika

Born:  4 April 1978 (age 35)

Origin:  Tottenham, North London, England

Genres: R&B, soul, British soul, neo soul, hip hop

Occupations:   Singer, songwriter, record producer, composer, actor.

Seal arrives at the MusiCares Person of the Year tribute in Los Angeles

Seal  two-time Grammy Award-winning (Nigerian-British born) Soul Vocalist

Birth name:   Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel

Born:   19 February 1963 (age 50)

Origin:  Paddington, London, England

Genres: Soul, R&B, adult contemporary, soft rock, pop

Occupations:   Singer-songwriter, musician Continue reading

Happy Birthday To My Nollywood Diva: CHIKA IKE

chika ike

A very wonderful and lovely birthday to a beautiful Diva. She is indeed beautiful, see more SEXAY pics after the cut Continue reading

Nude Pictures: So who is this Nigerian gospel “Maheeda” artist sef….


Being out of circulation has really cut me out , I wonder what her story really is? Prostitute turned Gospel artist, I still never hear any of her songs sha? After the first line you are tempted to shout praise God abi? But don’t yet, her pix  and stories in the media these dayz suggest something totally different.

Imagine that a gospel artist is banned from a social network for nude pics most of which are selfies (new word of the day) .

So some very anti- gospel pix after the cut Continue reading

Nollywood Actress Anita Hogan Wants To Know Your Experience

Anita and her lovely family

Anita and her lovely family

Some of us may have experienced the challenges of living outside of Nigeria or still reside outside the shores till date. Anita in this youtube video shares her experiences living abroad.

She would like you to make a short video of yourself to share your experiences too!!! Hmmnnnn…this sounds like fun to me though…watch her short video clip below: Continue reading

How A Crazy Taylor Swift Stalker Was Caught After Swimming Through Icy Atlantic WaterWater



A crazy and an obsessed fan of Taylor Swift was arrested after swimming a mile at night through icy Atlantic water to her new island home.

The 22 year old from Chicago was arrested for trespassing…LOL

Crazy world we live in isn’t it?

What In Heavens Name Is Rita Ora Wearing?…..Lmao

Rita Ora's dress

Rita Ora’s dress

Where is Fashion Police when you need them?…..LOL

Rita Ora in her Pom Pom dress, during a performance in Japan. I guess the 22-year-old singer tried to dress so Japanesy when she tied buns on either side of her head, wearing this funny looking dress with her pair of black gladiator sandals which I kinda fancy. However, this is fashion blunder me think, but hey reader! your opinion matters too….do you think differently from me? Say it or forever remain silent, cos anything you say after today maybe used against you in egosentrik’s court….hehehehehehehehe. Did I scare you?


Shhhhh...just for your ears alone

Shush and Listen Carefully

Sad but true, people don’t go for soft, apologizing, shuffling, sweet, little, sugary partner anymore. Good women like real men and good men like real women too, it’s a two-way process!

A. Confident, but not arrogant.
B. Cool, not hot-headed.
C. One who knows where he/she is going in life.
D. A man who does not let women control and manipulate him. Women don’t like weak-back men. Men on the other hand prefer a strong willed woman without Low self esteem.
E. A clean and neat dresser man/woman
F. One who can share his/her true feelings well.
G. One who is authentic and unique.
H. A man who “knows” how to handle her and a woman who knows how to press his right buttons.
I. A man/woman who can make her/him laugh in their saddest moments.
J. A man/woman who will not let him/her have his/her way all of the time.
K. A man/woman who likes to have sex often and who enjoys sex. Note: no one likes a sex maniac, crazy stuff isn’t it?

Good-luck everyone, try and work on these qualities, and apply it in your relationships and I bet you’ll be grateful for reading this.