Jennifer Aniston Set To Wed Justin Theroux

Atlast Jen is getting married! The wedding they said is going to be low profile and private with only close friends and families to attend.

Meanwhile Jen who starred in the popular comedy series “Friends” has been portraying herself as a fussy chic these days as disclosed by a source:

“Every day at lunch the entire cast and crew head to a cafeteria facility where they all sit down and eat lunch together for well over an hour,

But the only person who doesn’t eat with everyone else is Jen. She quickly grabs a lunch to go and leaves.

All the actors ride in normal production vans when they head to lunch, but Jen has her own luxury SUV.”

So then, that has convinced me even more about the Nigerian Nollywood actress Chioma Chwukwuka Akpoth.


Chioma Chukwuka

She is an angel, reserved, respectful and smiley face on screen. But a close friend told me that during the celebrity Gulder ultimate search held in Nigeria, Chioma displayed the real side of her by making sure she succeeded in getting everyone angry, gossiping about other contestants and doing all sorts of annoying things, which made her loose majority of her fans.

Also that she made an actor cry in the reality show. I was a bit disappointed but determined not to conclude based on hearsay, but my friend seemed very serious about it.

So Jen’s said behavior has now confirmed to me that, what these actors and actresses portray themselves on screen, is not who they really are. Hmmnnn