Jeez Nothing Else To Hide Riri We’ve Kinda Seen It All…Lolz


I am not sure what Vogue is tryna do to this young woman but it’s ain’t going down well with me tho. Remember nude is Crass and elegant dressing is Classy. However, non of Riri’s nudity is gonna change the fact that she’s good looking. Although she won’t be near being a role model for ma kids #FIDDLESTICK

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Rihanna hits the club in a COMPLETELY see-through dress

Perhaps this is the new trend for our American celebrity ladies…. Just few days ago pictures of Nicole Scherzinger appeared over the net for apparently wearing a see through dress to the Britain’s National Television Awards and now it is our little dear Rihanna…

Rihanna See through Photos

Rihanna appears to be hiding them tits LMAO

Rihanna See through photos

Rihanna arrived at Eden nightclub in Hollywood  in a completely see-through dress wearing only a skimpy black underwear and no bra.

So I am left wondering then, is this the new celebrity statement style  or is this in response to the recent attention her arch rival Karrueche Tran is getting for posing nude for a magazine, desperate cry for Chris Brown’s attention maybe #justwondering

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Letter To World Celebrities on Break-up and Divorce

Dear Celebrities,

I am freaking sick and tired of all of you, who jumps into relationships and marriages. This minute you  get into a relationship or marriage and the whole world rejoices, the next minute you break up or gets divorced (child’s play).

Answer me!!! Aren’t you all tired of Dating & Breaking up?



Getting married & Divorcing;

Oh no! Did I just say that? Really? Am not a mean person am I? Hell no!!!! How the hell am I gonna get celebrity gossip gists for my blog?

Ha! Dear beloved celebrities- Please make sure you jump into relationships & Break up, Get married & Divorce so that egosentrik will have some hot and spicy gossips for her loving blog visitors….LOL