Lilly Pulitzer A Fashion Designer Dies Aged 81



Lilly Pulitzer became famous for her tropical print dresses, she got her head-start in the fashion industry when she spilled orange juice on her clothes, she felt the stains were gorgeous designs.

Soon she asked her seamstress to make dresses in colourful prints that would camouflage fruit stains. Lilly had a juice stand where she sells juice from her husband’s orange groves, and she would normally hang the dresses  on a pipe behind her juice stand and these sold quicker than her drinks.

Llilly's models on catwalk

Llilly’s models on the run way

Wow…..Lilly is a true inspiration to designers out there and also morally teaching us to always pursue our dreams. Don’t give up on your life goals peeps. RIP Lilly Pulitzer.


Rihanna is set to get married in her Bikini this July

That's rihanna wearing a bikini almost her skin colour and could be mistaken as nude.

That’s Rihanna standing, wearing a bikini almost her skin colour and could be mistaken as nude.

The ever  controvatial “Stay” artist is reported to be planning a bikini wedding arond July on a Barbados beach to her girl beating, somtimes monsterous boyfriend Chris Beater.

For her it is just another way of telling her fans that she is happy to remain with woman beater Chris, who bashed her black and blue just 4 years ago…. in RIRI’s  defence, Chris is a changed man….yeah changed man indeed!

Will her wedding outfit be anything like this?

Will her wedding outfit be anything close to this?

The question is, does she really believe Chris has changed?… or is she just dumbly in emotions called love and  refusing to see the truth?  or maybe we should be asking ourselves if it is any business of ours who she chooses to marry?

On that note then it’s good luck from egosentrik team and just a quick one, for those who choose to listen…a LEOPARD hardly changes its spots, so be wise!!!

Kanye is not keeping up with the Kardashian

I have not stopped laughing ever since I saw the  news update about Kanye and the Kardashians. It is so funny that Kim’s baby father Kayne West has voted lack of confidence to her family show. He has been heavily criticized for making an appearance on the reality show and it appears that the rapper has taken all the repercussion  on board and has apparently decided that the show is not good for his reputations.

According to  Radaronline  ‘Kanye’s team believes it’s bad for his image and brand to appear on a reality show because it makes him look cheap,  it was also reported that Kanye has made it perfectly clear to Kim that he doesn’t want to appear at all on Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’……LOL

So then are they  saying Kim and her family are cheap? Apparently Nigerians didn’t think so as they paid $500,000  to Kim for her 45mins appearance on a Nigerian concert where she didn’t put in any effort. To be honest, at first when I heard Kim was to appear on the show and all the interesting thing that was gon happen on the show that night, it made me jealous, it wasn’t here in the UK. But something struck my mind immediately that made me question myself “what is Kim K’s talent? *Lip sealed*

I wonder  how Kim is taking the whole thingy, My baby’s father  thinks  my show is doing damage to his reputation, I probably will feel let down but apparently she’s not, instead she’s dressing to keep Kanye happy….lol #Awkward!!!! So ladies, your man first before family *winks*

Kate middletons cute tiny royal baby bump

Ok there was plenty hype about the official  first public show the royal baby bump , but the  the Duchess of Cambridge did not seem to want to let much out as she arrived at the south London’s Hope House, a charity aimed at rehabilitation of women, in a fully wrapped Maxmara dress, disappointing a lot of people who were hoping to get better glimpse of the royal bump. Kate is expected to be almost 4 months pregnant now and when asked if she was nervous about giving birth for the first time she admitted it would be “unnatural if she wasn’t”.

Although we did not see much of the baby Bump Kate still looked as gorgeous as ever!!!!

Yes She Has The Smallest Waist In The World

Since 1999, Cathie Jung of United States has been recorded to have the smallest waist in the world. Who stands at 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in) and has a corseted waist measuring 38.1 cm (15 in). Un-corseted, it measures 53.34 cm (21 in).

Close to breaking this record is 22 year old Nerina Orton from Birmingham in United Kingdom, who is less than an inch away from breaking Cathie’s record.

Nerina Orton

Nerina Orton

How do they manage to reduce their waistline? Wearing corsets all the time maybe or what do you think?

See world’s largest hips:

Kim Kardashian Spotted With Her Baby Bump

Kim Kardashian spotted with her bump in Beverley Hills while she took a walk. Summer is around the corner and I hope you are making plans to look good like Kim?

Kim Kardashian taking a walk

Kim Kardashian taking a walk

Many women once become pregnant, they start feeling fat and ugly. I tell you it’s psychological shake off that negative feeling and get yourself some lovely outfit for this summer to look good in that bump. Pregnancy should make you feel proud and beautiful, if anyone calls you fat say to them “I am not fat, I am Pregnant.”…lol.

If you cannot afford big brands like mamas and papas, you can visit for affordable and sexy maternity wears, alongside beach/swimming wears.

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